Weight goals can seem like they are at odds with power goals, but there is a healthy way to achieve both. We’ll cover this as well as whether it is better to struggle through a workout or bail early, what is the definition of “junk miles” and if they have a place in training, and much more. Tune in now to Episode 291 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Introduction 0:00
  • New Year’s Resolutions for the hosts 4:23
  • What is an ideal power curve like? 16:46
  • How to use power data for mountain bikers 31:48
  • Is it better to struggle or fail a workout? 49:02
  • Heart rate vs. RPE-based training 1:07:20
  • Why some plans don’t have ramp tests at the end of the plan 1:10:34
  • Best cycling-related Christmas gifts 1:11:47
  • How to pace the climbs at Leadville 1:15:23
  • How to build a race calendar 1:19:24
  • Skiing for cross-training 1:20:46
  • What are junk miles? 1:22:50
  • Are bananas and dates good fuel for cycling? 1:30:22
  • Weight goals vs. performance goals 1:45:00

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