🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

There have been rumors, not-so-subtle hints, and plenty of feature requests over the years touching on different aspects of what we’ve been building here at TrainerRoad.

Today, we’re thrilled to finally announce Adaptive Training!

This is an entirely new foundation of TrainerRoad that uses machine learning, science-based coaching principles, and our unprecedented data set to give you the right workout, every time.

Adaptive Training does this all through taking your performance, life, and goals into account, intelligently adjusting your training to help you get faster.

Adaptive Training is aimed at solving problems like:

  • Having an easier time with one training zone compared to another
  • Feeling like the Ramp Test doesn’t work for you
  • Feeling like you just aren’t good at a particular training zone
  • Missing workouts and wondering what to do next, whether it’s just a few workouts or multiple weeks of training

We’re talking about this in detail on our podcast now if you want to check it out!

As of today, Adaptive Training is in closed beta and we will be progressively adding athletes who register for priority access at www.trainerroad.com/adaptive-training. If you’re not a TrainerRoad subscriber, you can sign up for updates if you’re interested. It will still put you on the access list too, so if you do subscribe, you’ll retain your beta registration.

As aspects of Adaptive Training are ready to be moved out of beta, we’ll roll out new features to all TrainerRoad athletes, so we can bring you all the benefits of Adaptive Training as quickly as possible!

In the meantime, you can also dive in over on the blog to learn all the ins and outs!

Number of Athletes in the Beta- 8,080 (Updated July 26th)

Current Known Issues (Also viewable on the ‘Adaptive Training Known Issues’ Support Article):

Issues are organized by the area of the features within AT.

Ride Details Page

  • Estimating TSS for rides based on Heart Rate (no power data) isn’t working properly

Plan Builder

  • Athletes can’t scroll in the custom plan modal on Android web browsers


  • The “Missed Survey” modal isn’t re-sizing properly


  • The “+” button isn’t appearing properly when adaptations are pending on the Android mobile app

Outside Workouts

  • Outside Workouts Completed on Wahoo or other device or uploaded via Strava don’t count toward Progression Levels
  • Occasionally outside workout outcomes don’t get correctly classified
  • Manually completed Outside Workouts don’t get count toward Progression Levels

Solved Issues

If you’re experiencing an issue from the list below that should be solved, contact support@trainerroad.com.

Career Page

  • In some cases, the Career page on the website would crash if left open for a long period of time
  • IF data in “Recent Workouts” section is incorrect for non-cycling activities manually marked complete
  • The career page on the web can get into a state where it won’t load
  • The “Current Week” section of the Career page isn’t sorting workouts by start time
  • The “Current Week” section of the Career page isn’t showing annotations that begin in a previous week
  • Selecting a run or swim workout from the “Recent Workouts” section of the Career page results in an error page
  • IF is showing for non-rides in “Recent Workouts” section of the Career page
  • The “Recent Workouts” section of the Career page shows “Missing Response” for non-cycling activities
  • Career crashes if certain “hidden” workouts are added

Calendar Page

  • Changing ride association on the web Calendar can result in a Nasty Spill error page
  • Difficulty level (achievable, productive, stretch, breakthrough) isn’t appearing on workout cards in the Calendar modal to add a workout

Ride Details Page

  • The Ride Details drawer displays “Missed Survey” on workouts with a completed survey until you refresh or close/reopen the app
  • FTP tests shouldn’t display an outcome classification

Workout Cards

  • Progression Level footer isn’t appearing for Custom Workouts workout cards

Plan Builder

  • Workouts won’t be added back to your calendar when you shorten time off

  • You can have a Ramp Test scheduled when you upgrade your plan even if you are in the middle of a training block

  • Workout difficulty (achievable, productive, stretch, breakthrough) shouldn’t appear on the workout cards in the Plan Builder preview


  • Completed workouts should display a more descriptive workout classification based on your survey response
  • Athletes should receive an additional “How did this workout feel today” survey after selecting “All Out Effort” on original workout survey
  • Your previous survey selection isn’t highlighted when changing survey response
  • Custom workouts aren’t triggering surveys properly.
  • Post Workout Surveys are missing a “Submit” button to confirm your survey response
  • In some cases, the Missed Survey modal renders multiple times on the Calendar on the web
  • The Ride Details drawer displays “Missed Survey” on workouts with a completed survey until you refresh or close/reopen the app
  • In certain instances your survey result won’t save with your workout
  • If you attempt to update the survey response of an outside workout, you can get an endless spinner
  • Post Workout Surveys aren’t delivering the relevant education resources
  • In mobile, the “I didn’t struggle with this workout” option isn’t working properly


  • Some athletes can experience “unnecessary” adaptations
  • No adaptation prompt when adaptations would be expected in some cases* You are unable to accept adaptations on mobile Safari since the “accept adaptations” button is covered by the Safari navigation
  • In some instances you can get adaptations pending immediately after accepting adaptations
  • Mobile app can crash if you only have one adaptation pending and click the “up” arrow to view earlier adaptations that don’t exist
  • “Adaptations Pending” overlay still appears on workout cards even when an athlete is opted out of Adaptive Training
  • On mobile it is possible to receive adaptations for a workout you just completed
  • Switching Annotation Type to “Notes” results in the Adaptations prompt

Progression Levels

  • Manual FTP changes don’t use the same logic as Ramp Tests, and will reset levels to 4s
  • In certain instances your progressions chart can show an error and no levels
  • Certain higher level Endurance workouts are showing as “Recovery” workouts
  • Filtering by difficulty level sometimes returns workouts that don’t belong
  • In certain instances progression levels can get “stuck” at a higher level and won’t come down
  • Athletes may see a rounding error when a workout increases levels

Newly Added AT Beta Features

  • Custom workouts are now assigned levels and classified like other TR workouts on completion.

So you’re saying I can’t go from 1 hour a week training to HV and then complain it’s too hard anymore?


Woot woot! Podcast comments are going mad! So glad my plan ends tomorrow. Can’t wait to try this!


I put my email down, I was lucky enough to be part of the early early beta so excited to see this coming to life!


oh man, this sounds absolutely fantastic! awesome work, i’m definitely going to try and beta test this!

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when does it go live?


Correction, reading above quickly


Goodbye FTP :partying_face:


Interested to know if the progression within different energy systems will analyse and incorporate non-TR based rides (Zwift races, outdoor rides etc)?


My main question also :point_up_2:t4:


Just a guess, it should be yes, if it loads to TR (all my rides do).


Sounds really great! Every triathlete is going “Does the AI recognize my running and swimming?”


Goodbye Proxy for Self Worth. :pleading_face:


Cool, hope it’s not like Elon Musk’s announcements. :rofl:

Signed up, hope I get on, been passing feedback for a long while now.


Shh! Ive been trying not to post that for fifteen minutes😅


Hello seven new proxys for it!


As per another thread… this will be nice to have to add on to Tri plans, once they properly re-roll out.


do you mean swimming and running?


Sounds great and look forward to the day when machine-learning training really takes off…but the problem is always going to be the assumptions baked into the algorithm. If the machine tells me I should be doing too much high intensity work months before my first event, is this really all that better?


yeah for triathlonnnn
they have on their backlog to have a better integration of swimming and running so it can sync up