Where can I find the progression levels on Trainerroad?

I’ve just seen a picture from a Trainerroad user on Strava where a progression level chart appears. And I don’t know where it is…
It’s a chart with endurance, sprint, tempo, sweetspot, etc… and a graph with a number note on each one…

You can’t, unless you are in the adaptive training beta.

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Yes, you must be a member of the Adaptive Training beta. When you are the Progression Levels are seen on the Career page.

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Well, so how can I be a member of Adaptive Training beta?? I’m an TR user since 2017

Follow this link,

And then read up on it here,

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Thanks. What is the estimated time to receive a mail with confirmation once I submitted it for it??

I’ve been signed up for the beta since April, and have been on the ‘waiting list’ for 6 weeks so potentially quite a while.

If you check trainnow you can get a decent estimate where your levels are. At least that’s my understanding of the trainnow feature, since they are supposed to be achievable.

There is no ‘timescale’… TR are admitting a few people randomly (apparently) into the beta every so often.

I wouldnt panic though as there are a boatload of issues with it for many people currently so you’re not missing a huge amount right now.

No longer randomly. In order to expedite the development process of AT, we are adding athletes in larger groups based on an evolving set of criteria that help us address specific aspects of the product that we are working on at that moment.
That criteria is ever-evolving and changing as we continually make progress with Adaptive Training, and it has allowed us to actually accelerate the rate of newly added athletes to the closed beta!
That said, its hard to tell on an individual basis when athletes will be added, and we want to make sure its more dialed before releasing to all of our athletes.
Woudn’t hurt to email support@trainerroad.com to check in about it the criteria/where you’re at though!

Support may regret that when they receive 1000 emails in the next hour !

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Its what we’re here for!!! :wink: