This is a Place to Learn, Disagree and be Entertained

This is a place to talk about all things bike or triathlon related (including nutrition and weight training).

There are just a few rules.

  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Address the idea, don’t attack the person
  3. Don’t break the law
  4. Keep it tidy

Be Excellent to Each Other

Speak to people like you would in person. It sounds simple but the forum can be so much more valuable if we just show each other a little kindness.


Attack the Idea, not the Person

This builds on rule #1. The best arguments focus on the idea rather than the person who’s communicating the idea. Let’s strive to live in the “counterargument” and above. And opinion is important! This is cycling, lots of stuff is subjective.

Don’t Break the Law

Linking to copyrighted cycling videos is a no-no. Don’t link to those knock off frames and helmets that look cheap but could actually injure another cyclist.

Normal stuff like that, don’t be stupid.


Keep it Tidy

We’re using a Discourse forum and it has a lot of cool features. Please use the appropriate category and add tags when you post.

If you do that, it will be much easier for other users to find content in the future.

If you don’t uphold our forum rules, we’ll remove your access.

That’s it! Enjoy the forum!