Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

OK well that’s good to know, as I say I had a specific reason for doing the ride this way.

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Just got on to the beta - might now actually start having to pay attention to my training!
I know this has probably been asked as hundred times at least, but is there an FAQ for the AT beta?
I don’t really want to pepper the forum with loads of questions that have probably been asked before (such as do I really need to do a ramp/FTP test?) and the various AT threads are now so huge that they are too difficult to read through

Good for you… Patience is starting to wear thin here after nearly 3 months :slight_smile: I’m cosidering stopping listening to the podcast where they keep saying how great AT is…

Maybe the TR team should take themselves out of AT and add themselves to the waiting list, just so we are all in the same boat :grinning:


3 months of waiting here too.

I was waiting eagerly since day 1 as well but the release of the new plans have scratched that itch. For now I’m happy to be going through the plans and having a more polished AT.

If it weren’t for the new plans however (I found the old to be unsustainable, especially Gen Build) I would be chomping at the bit for AT.


Not yet :sob: There are a bunch of articles on the blog (listed in this post and this one), and a list of known issues at Adaptive Training Known Issues – TrainerRoad.

Yes, you need to keep testing. The TR team has an interval version of AT that does automatic FTP estimation based on performance, but it’s not part of the beta.

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I’m excited about being in the beta, but I’m expecting it not not be plain sailing. It’s still an early closed beta, so there are going to be lots of bugs and issues that will need to be resolved and will mean that it feels very different to a finished product. I usually avoid betas because the experience can just be so far away from that you would expect for a full release.
If you are have to wait longer to get on the beta, that just means that you are likely to face far fewer beta issues, so will have a better experience when you finally do get on (glass half full mode)


That is 100% correct, However, if I needed a perfectly polished experience I wouldn’t have signed up for the beta :man_shrugging:

It just gets really annoying hearing every week how awesome AT is while seeing additions being made at a pace slower than in the first weeks…

Yesterday I had a call from my racing Nemesis whom I tried to convince (in vain) to use TrainerRoad in the past 2 years or so. He was excited about AT and said he would finally join. I had to tell him to cool his jets and forget about it for now. I’m sure I saved him some disappointment, since he had already tested TR with my voucher last year :slight_smile:

At the current rate, assuming 3000-5000 in beta it would be more than a year before everyone gets into the beta, let alone full release…


I’ve been in it 2 weeks now and haven’t had anything go wrong. The survey grading suddenly went out of sequence (2, 1, 3,4, 5) but that’s it really.


Interested to see how many people were added to the beta in the last update then… Sounds like quite a few? Not me sadly :smiley:

Nor me :sleepy:

Me neither… :sob:

I don’t think they added between 2000 and 4000 yesterday!!

Haha, it’s a pretty safe bet that 2000 weren’t added yesterday :slight_smile: I meant: “assuming 3000-5000 in beta waitlist”, but I forgot that crucial word


First day in Beta, and my progression levels are a bit off. I think it is because I came out of a rest week start of last week, and did my threshold test outside of the trainer road platform. The system has only seen me do one threshold workout, and it was a 5.1, and a lower level sweet spot the next day. My threshold test would have been equivalent to a threshold 8.

I did Galena + 2 today, which is a threshold 6.8. That bumped my threshold up, and correspondingly gave me some bumps in sweetspot (currently 4.5) and tempo (currently 2.6).

The weird thing to me is that the baseline Galena is rated as a breakthrough sweetspot workout for me at a 7.8. It is 3x20 on 5min RI at 90%, 94%, and 92%.

Galena +2 was rated as a stretch threshold at 3x20 on 6min RI at 95%, 97%, 99%, which I handled no problem. Last 20 I did at 100% and then knocked out another 30 minutes z2 to follow up.

I think it has been discussed, but what is the rationale behind having sweetspot and threshold so strongly decorrelated? Clearly based on those two workouts the expectation should be that I can complete Galena, right?

Is this a work in progress type thing, or is there a specific reason for it?

I know from experience going from sweet spot to threshold fitness is a different animal. But going from threshold to sweetspot and even tempo/endurance is really easy. That’s the entire nature of the power-duration curve. It is super flat below threshold.

First post updated above now:

5/19 Update
The total number of athletes in the beta is 1133

5/10 Update
The total number of athletes in the beta is 965.

Added 168 - so pace picked up again after recent lull…


To parphrase Bob Dylan “It ain’t me, babe. No, no, no it ain’t me babe. It ain’t me they’re looking for, babe…”

But increasing numbers bring hope, yes? :slight_smile:

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If you look at the list of known issues, it is getting shorter and the issues are more off the beaten path. Seems like they are at least making progress.


Remember, “Hope dies last” :rofl:

OR… more optimistically, “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

…but in addition to what we “already had” we now also have Workout Levels, TrainNow and some great looking new plans…

=> the direction of travel for TR is looking pretty good from my vantage point, and personally I’m probably more enthused by it than at anytime since I signed up in '17.


I agree. I also keep reminding myself to “be careful what you wish for”. As much as I want to learn and grow with AT, my life is busy and I am not excited to have a ride crash in the middle, get lost, reflect incorrect numbers, etc. I’m willing to Beta, but I’m not dying to introduce new kinks to my armor either.