Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

There is some specific info at the end of the last podcast, from 1:38:36

Some small features will go live (out of beta) this week.

3/11 Podcast Update
We added another 50 athletes to the beta, bringing our total to 130. It looks like the latest batch included a handful of forum users, so it has been awesome to see some initial thoughts and experiences shared.

As @Papuass mentioned we are planning to release Workout Levels and a few other things to everyone early this week.


Hand picked or randomly selected?

Clearly they are going in reverse order of rugged good-looks, which explains why I’m not in yet.


I’m actually curious how people are selected. I was put in last week, but I only just signed up for TR 3 weeks ago. I have used TR on and off over the years, and I do have a tonne of strava data to import, so maybe that’s why?

I would agree that a dedicated thread is needed for Beta users. I have quite a few based on my experiences so far.

I discussed this with TR weeks ago. TR plans to do that, but wants to wait for some amount of testers before making that dedicated thread.

For now, use the main “Announcement” thread for general discussion, and report bugs to


My assumption is they are adding people with varying levels of experience using their platform (in addition to random selections), so I’d guess there is some level of hand selection in use to get a variety of users. Without the perspective of new users like you, they’d be missing a crucial perspective for onboarding and finding areas of confusion.


@Bones Just out of curiosity, was the reason for you signing up the announcement of AT?


Yes, partly. I was going to just sign up for a monthly membership anyway, but decided to pony-up for the annual membership for the first time because of the AT. Curiosity got the better of me and I enjoy being an “early adopter” as a general rule.


I have been a TR user since 2013 and a yearly sub now for 3+ years if I remember correctly and no invite as of yet.

If I had to guess why not is because lately I have not followed a TR plan for 6+ months now. Some of that mainly is I was doing a lot of free riding from June 2020 on and having fun outside. I also got covid and changed jobs which did not help.

Overall though I am good and finding more time to ride and looking forward to AT and starting an actual plan again.




Just downloaded the beta app on android, can see the trainnow feature, but does anyone know when the progression levels are being released? Or is this an AT thing?

I don’t think they do consider whether one follows the plans otherwise some of us would have been invited. The selection criteria is top secret and patented.

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If you’re already following a plan and not failing workouts then I don’t see you’d be considered an ideal candidate for AT - that’s my view anyway. I’ve no idea how long the queue is but only 130 added so far doesn’t sound like many - I think there were close to 2000 watchers of the YouTube podcast livestream announcing AT. If only a quarter of them signed up at that time, plus all the others who listened later, via alternative methods or signed up to TR as a new user just to get access to AT then there must be a big list of us still waiting. Those accepted will be the ones that are expected to provided the best level of feedback and make the best use of AT.
Interestingly I’ve been a long time user of the iOS beta version have been using it solely for workouts for the past three months but have never provided feedback - simply because despite following 5 workouts a week I’ve NEVER had a problem with the beta app. These are all reasons I’m telling myself TR are ignoring me :joy:


Folks, they’re selecting people at random. Whether you’re added in a new wave of invites has nothing to do with how long you’ve been a loyal customer, what kind of training you’ve been doing, how much money you’ve paid TR over the years, or when you signed up for the beta. Your name is in a hat, and when it gets drawn you get AT. They don’t need you in the beta to consume your data in the ML model.

(They have hand-picked a small number of participants, including people who contributed to the closed alpha last year, and people who already had a relationship with TR [e.g. NorCal Couch2Crit]. If you were not among that small group, it’s not because you’re doing the wrong kind of training or because you haven’t been a subscriber for long enough or because you were critical of TR on social media. You’re in the regular beta pool, and you’ll get it when you get it.)


But I’m childish, impatient and just want AT :sob:


Big boy pants N8.


Nate mentioned last week that they are hoping to push workout levels to everyone this week, but progression levels won’t be part of that yet. Based on some posts in the AT beta thread yesterday, there have been a few new bugs discovered that need to be addressed before progression levels can be pushed to the masses.


Not to mention the new plans that were pushed out during the azure cloud issue. So guessing they will be fixing that first.

But I want it really really really reeeeeeeally bad, and I’ve been a good TR user this year.