Workout adaptation in software

Hi, first time here !
I’ve been thinking about getting a home trainer and start using trainerroad for a while.
I’m a beginner ( been riding ~5 days a week for the past 2 years and a half, and did some structured training at the beginning of the year for 2 month before the virus hit us ).

I was wondering if the software was able to take into account the stuff we do outside of planned workouts and adjust them depending on the level of effort.
To be more specific, I’m a food courier ( ~4h a day, ~5 days a week ) and would like to know if the software is able to adjust the workouts taking this into account so I don’t get too fatigued.

During work I try to stay at endurance pace, so I think it acts as short endurance rides ( I consider them short because I’m not constantly pedalling, I have to stop ~8 times for usally ~5 minutes ).

Hope you can help and sorry if my english is a bit clunky.

No the software can’t currently do that and adapt training accordingly. It will track each ride and calculate totals (TSS, etc), but you will have to manage these “extra” rides. Adaptive Training of sorts is “in the works” (@Nate_Pearson) but we don’t know when or how it will be implemented in TrainerRoad.


Ok thank you, looking forward to that being implemented !