🎉🎉🎉 New Early Access Feature: Import and Analyze Runs in TrainerRoad! 🎉🎉🎉

Calling all multisport athletes—we’re excited to announce you can now import and analyze runs in TrainerRoad. You can enable this feature now via Early Access to help improve your multisport training, planning, and analysis.

How to Enable Importing Runs:

Step 1. Log into the TrainerRoad website.

Step 2. Click “Account” at the bottom of the left sidebar, then click “Early Access” from the Account navigation menu.

Step 3. Scroll to “Import and Display Runs” and select Enabled.

Step 4. Click “Ride Sync” in the Account navigation menu, and verify you’ve connected your preferred run-tracking platform (such as Strava or Garmin Connect.)

How It Works:

Once you’ve enabled the feature in Early Access, any runs you upload to your connected RideSync accounts will automatically sync to TrainerRoad. You can click on completed runs to open a detailed view, including pace, heart rate, and other metrics.

Imported runs will be automatically associated with any planned runs scheduled that day on your calendar. If you’re on a multisport training plan, you no longer need to manually mark planned runs as “completed”. Instead, simply do the run as scheduled, and when it syncs to TrainerRoad it will be associated with the planned workout and automatically marked as complete.

Note that for initial Early Access to this feature, run activities are only visible on your calendar on TrainerRoad.com and not yet through our apps, but we plan to eventually add this functionality to our apps with other future improvements.


What data is displayed on the Run Activity Details page?

Run details include pace, elevation, intervals, and a map. It will also include cadence, heart rate, and power, if your device records these metrics.

Are runs incorporated into Adaptive Training?

If you miss a run scheduled by your plan, Adaptive Training will adjust your upcoming runs in response. Adaptive Training does not currently analyze your running performance the way it does for your cycling workouts, and adaptations to your runs will not affect your scheduled cycling workouts (and vice-versa).

Can I view my running PRs in TrainerRoad?

The initial Early Access to running activities in TrainerRoad does not yet include PRs, but we do plan to add this in a future update.

Why can’t I see my old runs?

Currently, only runs synced after enabling the feature will appear on your calendar, but we plan to backfill data to display past runs in a future update.

Why aren’t my runs on the calendar on the TrainerRoad app?

Initial Early Access to runs is only available via the TrainerRoad website, but we plan to add the ability to view completed runs in our apps at a later date.


Boom!!! Love it and been looking forward to this feature. Thank you very much.


Well done - just enabled



I have no words…




I just manually imported a run fit file i had downloaded from strava but it inserted it into my calendar with todays date instead of the actual run date. I’ve tried deleting it but it won’t let me.

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Thanks for sharing this—we’ve got an engineer looking into it now but they haven’t been able to reproduce the issue so far. Can you DM me your TR username so we can check your activity directly?


YAY! Thank you!!!

Running tomorrow AM…people outside of this forum will not be able to understand how excited I am to see this auto populate in my TR calendar


Amazing! Thanks TR


Awesome TR. thank you. First run done, uploaded and associated as it should! It was between -5 and -2 during the run :cold_face:. Can we release new features on nice days next time :rofl::rofl::rofl:


In spite of the release notes, a lot of my runs have come over from Garmin Connect. Even stuff from 2019 from before I used TrainerRoad. But doesn’t look like all historical runs came over. Strange.

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  • Not strange, expected per the FAQ above:

That should change in the future, but seems to be the current state for now.

Yeah, but like I said, I have weeks and weeks of runs from 2019 that came over. I am not complaining, just not expected based on release notes.


OK, I get your point now. I thought you were more surprised more by what didn’t come over than what actually did. I agree, it’s odd to get some for whatever reason that is.


While old runs are not being synced and will require a backfill, this could be because a sync was triggered with Garmin which would send older runs (and rides).


Does this feature map power if recorded using a stryd pod or any other run power supported device?

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Well I suppose this is a sign I should start running again



Yes, ish. The graph is there, the avg power per interval is there. There is a section saying that this activity has no power data which appears to be an issue but hardly serious.

here is my activity recorded with a stryd: Log In to TrainerRoad