Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

  • Yes, TN leverages the PL level for riders, even those not in the current AT beta.

I do think that releasing the “Alternates” option would be a great next step and one that I won’t be surprised to see as a next offering in the stepped rollout.

The issue is that it brings along relative ratings (Achievable, Productive, Stretch, Breakthrough) and I don’t know if that complicates issues or not.

But this “Alternates” tool is very useful if and when you know you want something different (harder or easier, longer or shorter) from whatever is scheduled. It might just be the missing piece to help offset the concerns of the new plans.


Agreed on that! I’ll try to get a reading from the team if we are planning on doing more ‘stepped’ rollouts, or if we’re closer instead to introducing AT to everyone.

  • You are gonna regret writing and posting that :rofl:

Which thread is the one Ivy is posting the weekly numbers to? I seem to have lost (or tuned out) of that one.

Whatever man I can take any degree of accosting at this point. :upside_down_face:


Im updating the OP on this thread, and in the 🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉 thread.


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Never forget that there is literally a MASSIVE group of us that while somewhat excited and maybe overly anxious, remain mostly silent and patiently waiting.

The squeaky wheels will always get the grease, but there are literally thousands of wheels happily rolling along until they get a new set of tires. We appreciate all that you and the team are doing, under what is likely extreme and extended pressure. Many of us work in projects or IT and we know how this goes.


Besides, we learned on the podcast that if you want into the beta early you just have to DM Jon on insta 3x.


It is. Part of the reply is this

" In another case where you might see progression levels be reset after making a new plan is after you do a Ramp Test. After a Ramp Test, progression levels are reset, and don’t preserve the relative relationships they had to one another previous to the ramp test .

I’m not totally sure my question was dealt with fully but tbh I’m not that bothered by the levels, I’m pretty chilled about my training amd progression right now tbh as I don’t have any competitive target events, just a 110 mile ride in early July and a 100km off road enduro type thing in September.

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What do you mean by start? As in hitting the start date or adding to the calendar? I added stuff to my calendar, but it didn’t reset for me. I haven’t hit the start date yet, as it’s a couple of weeks out.

The start of the plan. Admittedly I was barely using TrainerRoad in the months leading up to being in the beta so they had barely any workout history to go by but in any case it sounds like everyone will always start a new plan with all levels at 1.0.

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I understood day one that bitching and moaning about not getting in the beta will not get me in the beta.

So it’s more or less pointless to worry about a thing I’m not part of.

And there are probably thousands of people who are just using the the the “old” TR as they have been in the past.

There’s a few posts mentioning that the announcement was in response to the DJ video. I’m not sure that’s entirely correct. Way back in Nov/Dec 2020 I, and several others, asked about “Masters’ plans” and being able to adapt the plans, the response from @IvyAudrain was that “something will be announced shortly” (without digging up the thread I can’t be sure that those were her exact words but it’s a close enough paraphrase). At that point in an example of my sarcastic humour I posted a countdown: “28 days” that others added to over the next week to ten days. That points to TR planning to announce AT sometime around when they did, the DJ video may or may not have influenced the exact timing and unless @Nate_Pearson or someone else on the team explicitly confirm that one way or another then it’s just idle speculation on our part. (I’ll stop there!)

A slight aside: I think the release of the new plans could have been done differently. Namely announce that they were retiring the current(old) plans in a couple of weeks’ time to allow those on holiday/vacation to get back and give people a chance to populate their calendar with the old plans, making it clear that they shouldn’t then “update” their plans as that would bring in the new ones.

OK, that said, I got my AT invite this morning :tada: I signed up within a day of the podcast announcement.

One problem (for me) is that I’m currently doing the Polarised plans mostly outdoors in the UK non-summer so haven’t got anything Plan Builder originated in my calendar. However I’m filling in the questionnaire for the workouts I’ve done so the system has something, a foundation if you like, to work on once I move back to a PB based plan.

Another problem is that roughly half my workouts are on a mountain bike without a power meter so just HR data, the problem here is that even though there’s an associated workout the lack of power data means there’s no association with any progression levels - this is associated with Warren whereas this was done on my road bike with power meter so has associated progression levels. Most of my endurance rides/workouts are done on the MTB.

The result of that is that currently my PL for endurance is 4.8 whereas for VO2max (one of my weak points) is 6.1. Probably not a fault with AT, more that I’ve fed it skewed data.

Now to immerse myself in the system and figure out what all the terms mean in relation to what I’ve done. (Where’s the geeky nerd emoticon? :grinning:)


I saw it as DJ having some information regarding the pending AT announcement and making sure he got a jab in before it was made public. I guess it’s easy to look at it as a knee jerk reaction from TrainerRoad but I think it was the other way around.

I have done some outdoor workouts based on RPE and they did impact my PL. I did fletcher a couple of weeks back and my endurance increased from 3.7 to 4.8 so as you start do them they should change your PL (assuming you are using Garmin). I am doing another one tonight so will see what happens!

Yeah, I guess it’s a case of figuring things out. It’s likely they impact your PLs, just there’s no PL info on that particular workout page. Using Garmin 520.

I’ve been going back through my workouts and there’s definitely some anomalies. I did Bartlett Peak a couple of weeks ago and it’s marked it up as “Struggle” and “Not recommended” despite it being part of a threshold progression in the polarised plan - Miller, marked as “success”, Mount Grant marked as “struggle” - and I did them all on the same hill. My assessment both during and after the workouts would have been “hard” to “very hard”, if the hill had been five minutes longer I could have still kept that power going.

From memory of what’s been said, I think there’s a 7 day limit to being able to update the survey so these are probably fixed in stone now.

Yeah, I think TRs big takeaway is to keep things under wraps slightly longer, and I say this as someone in the past who got shown some cool new very beta reporting features at my job so I could get it implemented on the demo site and then stupidly told a client about them, and they wouldn’t leave me alone after that!


They’re mostly busy bitching and moaning about the new plans in the meantime.