Calendar Overhaul Feature Ideas

1 day, 3 day, full week, and month views

There is a lot of empty space in the far right column here. I’d love the ability to append personal sticky notes to the calendar week

Reminders for sleep goals, specific prescribed drills before outdoor workouts, etc… just to write it in freehand.


This dream function involves the calendar but may be more of an algorithm enhancement? Those of us involved in other sports that can add to our overall training stress; how about the ability to enter a workout with estimated TSS and having the algorithm take that TSS into consideration when making adaptation decisions? As an example, I race kayaks and probably train harder for that than cycling. When there’s an adventure race I may want to do I add in running as well. Obviously kayaking doesn’t involve the same muscle groups, but the training stress has to affect my cycle training because I definitely notice it if I’m trying to follow a training schedule for both (typically alternating days).
I know it’s a long shot but one can dream!


I’m going to second this, and say especially/relatedly that it would be really nice to have the ability to start the training week in the middle. (Though I may be changing it), as someone with a non-standard training week (nominally starting on Friday) it would be nice if interval/etc training could be automatically the first part of the week and then a rest week starting on Friday, and continue through the middle of the next week.

Secondly, this is more of a bug report which I just encountered. After deciding that Monday’s can be bad for my Threshold workouts yesterday, I moved my threshold days from Monday to Tuesday on my calendar for my current block. In addition to moving that for future weeks, my calendar added a 2nd threshold workout for this week today, and not just accepting the finished threshold workout from yesterday. At least it’s a minor bug, since it was quick to delete.

Ability to push a week back once the week has already started. Say I train Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday on a Low Volume plan. On Monday I start to feel sick or time is going to be hard to find to train. It’d be nice to have the option to push everything back a week. I know you used to be able to do it, but you had to push it back before the week started.


I ran a search this morning to skim through the many existing feature requests relating to the calendar. Here is the main search, along with the ones I thought had the most relevance in the current overhaul context:

Already mentioned by Nate, but this is the original request from ages ago:

Right click as mentioned:

This is actually present on the Intervals.ICU calendar and I really like it:

One of my key frustrations with the current TR calendar. Spacing is inconsistent and troublesome for a range of reasons.

No link, but the ability to quickly apply the Endurance Z2 workout alternate to the SS workout that TR defaults for the usual Sunday workout.

  • This is currently captured only in the Weekly Notes, but it is often overlooked and quite a few steps for us to manually read this, search to find the workout and then manually add it to the calendar.

Full Alternate function on the calendar that is only in the app right now:

I have adopted manual annotation creation to make for quick tracking of FTP changes on the calendar. TR should do this automatically.

Not one I need, but we’ve seen this mentioned several times over the years:

Annotations & holidays as mentioned:

Without a direct link, the Push / Pull / Copy / Move tools in the calendar are lacking (some removed that complicate continued use) so I’d like a review of the tools we have or have requested to make sure they are comprehensive. This relates to tweaking any and all plans added to the calendar via TR. It also related to the custom layouts that people do and making it easy for them to copy and/or edit these without the excessive drag/drop/copy/paste that is necessary now in such small steps (single workouts or weeks only) vs a more capable set of tools.

More clear indication of the month in view when scrolling:

The copy/paste for annotations I mentioned in my first post above:

Clear indicator of current training plan phase, more than the single annotation at the start of a block:

General visibility between plan related workouts and manual additions:


I would like to be able to enter wellness data. How am I feeling that day, sleep quality and so on like what intervals ICU has.


Also include weight, if one is using a smart scale…somehow integrate that data.

I must be in the minority but, I actually like the calendar on the desktop layout. I use it to plan my year around it and update consistently on a week to week basis. I don’t think I would find the phone app efficient in doing this.

  • I don’t think you are. I use the TR web site access of the calendar that is parallel to the PC/Mac TR app visibility. It’s the best for a broader view of everything vs the very linear and single day approach seen on the mobile app.

  • The mobile app is ok for some basic uses, but falls well short of the full view on the web or PC/Mac app.

  • What Nate is suggesting dropping in particular is the web view of the calendar through a mobile browser (like Chrome or Safari) if I understand correctly.


I wanted to second push/pulling weeks.

I’d like the ability to drag/drop workouts to different days from within the mobile app.


The ability to go back through the calendar quickly (without scrolling) to previous months, years, and even specific dates, would be handy.


Related to visibility and use, please consolidate the “tools” into a common location. Some are appropriate to separate (like the weekly controls), but as of now there are several locations with separate controls, spread to the extremes of the screen (web version example below):

I think these in particular should be more closely located without the stragglers out in those solo locations.

Additionally, please apply consistent location of common controls. See the PC app screen below and notice the differences compared to the web above (Today button in particular, but the List/Grid control is present here while missing on web). PC app also lacks the TSS display which is another variance. Making these as close to the same as possible is preferred to see a common location regardless of the interface.


Another person who very much prefers the larger view of the website calendar. Apologies if Chad is correct and I misunderstood Nate’s comment.

Either create default colors for certain annotations, or give us a legend where we can name the colors. When I need to create a new annotation I can never remember what color I used for that type of data previously.

Weekly annotation that tells us what week of which plan we are in.

I love the way intervals tells us how much time we spent per week per zone. That would be a great addition. Even better would be the same thing to show TIZ planned AND TIZ completed.

Add a preview that shows the general “blue rectangles” breakdown of an outdoor workout. Currently, you can see the preview for indoor, but when you switch it to outdoor, you just get a gray and black blob. This is frustrating when, for example, every Sunday workout is Outdoors. You end up with no preview on any Sunday.


Another for filtering. E.g. Runs only, TR only, Bike outside only, Swims only.

Activity Type
Energy System
TR or not
Indoor or Outdoor
Completed, skipped.

Some of these and some mentioned by others might be a duplication of the past activities search & filter function. But sometimes it’s great to see it visually in time, rather than a list.

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  • That is sort of possible, although it’s not documented well.

When you set a color for each of the 4 annotations types, the very next creation of each annotation type will take on the color used last time.

  • Ex: Set Time Off to Cyan, and the very next Time Off annotation added will default to Cyan (not gray as I think is the pure default originally).
  • Works well in general, if someone wants a different color between things the Note, Time Off, Illness, or Injury annotations. My issue is that I use different colors for different “Notes”. As such, I am constantly swapping the color to what I have assigned for my needs.
  • This function (sticky color) was introduced a while ago but I am not even sure it’s covered in any official documentation outside of the forum topic they mentioned it.

ETA: Links mentions when the sticky color was added:

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It corresponds to the week within the overall Plan Builder status, and includes the Weekly Tips.

Yes - I’m thinking of having more than the default 4. So I can see see Strength days (and the ability to repeat these) highlighted. Etc.

Ability to filter/customise the metrics displayed to the right. E.g. adding calories/kJ. Otherwise, this is much clearer than it used to be. I like the addition of running distance.

Toggle to switch between graphical and map view for outdoor workouts.
A graphic or map for every workout of the day (previously requested) - at the moment, only the “first” workout is displayed.

Even when a workout is outdoor, having the ability to view them graphically (simply - as you do at present - power/pace, HR, cadence (bike & run) against FTP/threshold run pace/threshold swim pace line) would bring the week visually to life.


Do you mean this:


Following up from
I would love the ability to “GO TO” a specific date by typing it in.

and @mcneese.chad on the common controls, display etc…

The web calendar is very hard to navigate in time. The date jumping tool of the desktop app is a big improvement. These should be unified.


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“Week 11” isn’t what I’m looking for. That doesn’t really tell me anything.
“Week 3 SSB MV” is what I’m after.

Weren’t we told the tips are no longer accurate?

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