Calendar Overhaul Feature Ideas

Hey, Ya’ll!

We’re starting a project to modernize the calendar on our website. That code will then make it into the desktop app later.

The main driver of this change is that the calendar was built on Angular, but we’ve moved to React. It takes us a long time to integrate new features into that calendar because most of our engineers are React engineers. So to go fast, we need to improve it.

We also want to add some base calendar features during this code port and remove some annoyances.


  • Choose what day of the week a week starts
  • Faster loading while scrolling
  • Make sure the weeks don’t “jump up” when data comes in
  • Adding a “Drawer” function allows us to eliminate the popups and have more interactivity without leaving the calendar.
  • Add dates to the URL while you scroll to book mark months. That also makes the back button jump back to where you were.
  • Loading state on calendar
  • Add right-click actions

…and more.

We also want to drop calendar support on our website for mobile. The usage is very low, and we’d rather redirect them to our app and put our focus in one place.

Do ya’ll have anything you’d like us to add to the core calendar functionality on our website?

Note: we’re looking for calendar-specific things rather than Adaptive Training


Copy / Paste for Annotations.

Search calendar for annotations and workouts, by key words and/or other filters like we have in the Past Activities section of the Career page.

Probably many more from existing feature requests, I will search and add here later.


Ability to load country specific holidays. I do this myself manually every year since holidays can impact planned workout days.


Add a two-way link to a Google Calendar


Thank you for asking Nate!

I would love to have the TR plan annotations (Base, Build, etc… and Week 1, Week 2, …) begin on the chosen start day of the week, regardless of what day that week has the first TR workout of the week. Example, Week starts on Monday, but Monday is a recovery day and Tuesday is my first TR workout: All TR plan annotations for that week land on Monday, not Tuesday as is now the case.


I’m not sure if this really falls under this project (and I suspect not).

But the one thing missing from my TR experience is the analytics. I guess it doesn’t really tee into calendar, but I’d love to see a bit more of the stats on the week, (ideally with the AIFTPD projected/detected),

I also want the “scheduled time” for the workout to effect the order on my calendar. i.e. if I have a SS followed by Endurance and set one for 0900 and one for 1100, I would like for them to show up in that order on the calendar.

  • Filtering workouts (e.g. show only endurance workouts, or only runs.)
  • Selecting multiple workouts
  • Performing actions (e.g. delete) on multiple workouts (e.g. show only swims, select them, delete them all)

Probably low on anyone’s list but having a daily forecast (for the upcoming week) on each day would be amazing for planning inside vs outside workouts.


Ctrl + Select to delete more than one workout from the calendar.

Hover cursor over a workout to get a snapshot/pop up of details. Eg: 4 x 6 min @ 105% Ftp with 3 min recoveries.

I find the phone app calendar really hard to navigate so find myself waiting till I get to a desktop.


Obviously I am in the minority but I dont like the look of the calendar on mobile. I like a wide view and to see my month laid out at a glance. I just dont see that on mobile. I do everything on a pc and then use my phone to run TR. I definitely dont use the phone app for looking ahead.
I like to see my Tuesdays as an example and the progression levels going out for 3 weeks…on mobile I only see the next 3/4 workouts.

I think the biggest impact of the calendar is the lack of flexibility in the actual TR plans adjustments that can be made. There is no easy way to sub workouts ie take a low volume plan and turn Sunday into an endurance day. etc. All the manipulating would appear to be more of a struggle on mobile. How do I easily add a recovery week on the mobile app? I see my next four workouts??? How do I take a low volume plan and easily add in my fourth workout every friday as an endurance ride??? I must be missing something if the majority like this.


Yes to this. I think both by type of workout (run/bike/swim/etc), as well as workout zone at least for bike workouts (or at least TR workouts.) Filter by indoor/outdoor would be nice too.

A timeline view that shows plan modules (e.g., Traditional Base LV I) highlighted in different colors with FTP changes shown and workout consistency. The idea is to be able to get visual view of which plans I’m able to follow most consistently, and which increase my FTP the most. And how this might change over time.

More pre-defined note types (e.g…, sick, vacation, etc.) and the ability to always have a note type default to a specific color.

The ability to create repeating notes. The idea is that I could create. “Strength” note that would repeat every Monday and Thursday as a stand-in for the fact that TR doesn’t currently track strength workouts.

The ability to see the time periods I’ve created to compare power duration curves in the calendar.


I would love to be able to subscribe to my TR calendar (iOS or Outlook) it lets me see major conflicts and move things around to support training.

Thank you for asking!


Also, to add to one of the post is above. If you are dropping mobile calendar support I think you need to improve the ability to scroll backwards on the app calendar. It’s not easy to go back if you are trying to look at this time last year and as far as I can tell it’s impossible to look further than one year.


I’d like to be able to drop in and/or move recovery weeks .

Often the way AT places recovery weeks doesn’t fit in with trips and delaying the recovery week/adding an extra week of intensity to a block can put the recovery week inline with a trip/period where you know you will be off the bike.

For example, I have a recovery week, then a two week holiday, one week of efforts and then another recovery week on my calendar this summer.


Top of the list for me would be smooth scrolling.

Also, would love to be able to zoom out somehow to see more than 2 weeks on the screen at a time.

Another small thing that bugs me is there isn’t consistency on the calendar. Meaning, click on a scheduled workout and click on the workout in the pop up it opens in a new window (which I like). Do this with a completed workout and it opens in the same window. I don’t always remember to right click those and then I have to go back and find my place in the calendar if I’m opening multiple workouts to compare. Hope that makes sense…


I’d like to be able to indicate if a trip/holiday on the calendar is going to be akin to a recovery week, or if you will be training through it/taking a bike with you. I have both types planned this summer.


I would love the ability to “GO TO” a specific date by typing it in.


Calendar on mobile. Feature parity across platforms is important, and the calendar takes too long to load in the app.

Stop truncating ride titles with repetitive iconography such as green tick (completed), outside workout, outside TR workout, import source.

Put the weekly tips and notes on the MONDAY, which will avoid making Tuesdays super-tall.


Insert/Edit TSS of a run directly in the calendar popup/dialog without needing to open the run itself.

While you’re at it: Integration of a web workout creator.

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