Bring back Push / Pull / Delete weeks [Feature Request]

TOO LATE we’re already looking into it :wink:

Happy to help, I rebuilt a plan for myself with only ‘B’ events and applied Time-Off, deleted it, and allowed Adaptation to see if we are getting expected behavior. Will follow up once we know for sure!


Of course I’m too late – I let a whole 2 hours lapse before responding to Nate’s post:)

No problem. Got some help from the support team, Boarstone -1 was the right adapted workout for Saturday, and we confirmed you do not need A events in order for time-off to trigger an adaptation. Everything is behaving as expected for you! :sunglasses:


Any ETA on red light/green light? This is some of the new functionality I’m most interested in, and I’m (like many other people, I’m sure), very eager for this. Especially with outdoor riding in full swing.

I can tell you that this is still on the roadmap. It’s in progress!


Yah, that doesn’t sound right. It wasn’t a new workout then.

Yes! We’ve wanted to do this for sooo long. It actually goes with that training camp that we talked about years ago.

We knew that we needed AT + WLV2 + Redlight Greenlight in order to achieve that. So once those are out we can do some other really really cool stuff. But those will be cool on their own :smiley:.


I’m meeting with our COO about this. The hard part is that it might piss off other people lol. But I don’t think so.

How we do things is a team works on a big project together, then in between projects they do “snack” issues like this. And then we work on the highest priority or biggest bang in those issues.

So this would get prioritized inside of that. And frankly, I don’t know what the list is so I can’t promise anything other than I’ll make sure we document it and it gets its fair chance.


I am really excited about the roadmap coming with some incredible features. I was literally messaging a mate last night about the upcoming features and how awesome they will be for us all. Having said that, please don’t take this in any sort of entitled or negative light, only curiosity, is Group Workouts still coming to Android etc?

Is there such a thing as making a change and not pissing people off???

Seriously, though, I just appreciate you taking the time to understand a different user case than you’ve considered before. I understand that this particular change may not end up being possible, but perhaps will give you food for thought for some of the other TR improvements that are on the way and how those of us who don’t train for events might make use of them.

Thank you!


We don’t have plans to expand group workouts at the moment, we’d like to but higher priority releases and fixes are taking precedent. Sorry I don’t have better news.


Update on this request:
Now when adding Time-Off annotations, the default annotation color choice will automatically default to your previously selected color for given annotation type.


That’s awesome. Thanks @IvyAudrain !

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@IvyAudrain and team,

Thanks for getting this done so quickly. Now, if there was only a way to fix / standardize color coding for all past entered annotations :thinking::upside_down_face:

Edited my poor iPhone typing

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Every time I try to use AT, something comes up that won’t allow me to use it.

First time was all the runs and swims that don’t get ported into calendar causing AT to assume I’m missing them and giving me 55 adaptations which I don’t want to go through, forcing me to turn it off.

Now that I am in offseason, I was trying to just schedule bike workouts. I was doing fine for 5 weeks, until I had to go out of town this week. I couldn’t find the push week button. Had no idea annotate even existed. Why is it hidden in the dots? Moved a few workouts and I can’t tell which is the one that was coming up and which was the one that moved after adaptive training changed the workouts around. Ended up clearing my entire calendar to start over. Did I reset AT? Have now clue! So now I’m trying restart a plan and feel like I want to do traditional base, except that’s frowned upon these days in plan builder. So I put traditional base manually which turns off AT automatically. So the push was removed to simplify things, but all it did was mess up my entire plan and now I’m still not had a chance to use AT (what 2-3 years out now?)

I have great news for you, which is that Adaptive Training is super equipped to serve you what you need right now. We can help!

First and foremost, we just released an Add Time Off option to the three-dot menu directly on the Calendar to make scheduling time-off much easier:

Clicking this option will automatically open the Annotation window with Time Off pre-selected, all you have to do is select the dates you won’t be available to train.

For what you’re describing, using the ‘Time Off’ feature is great in letting Adaptive Training look critically at how many days you’ll need off, and adjusting your workouts accordingly. Once you’re ready to return from time off, you’ll be met with a far better training experience than dragging and dropping your originally scheduled workouts. And it’s quicker!

If you want more direct feedback and information about the ‘why’ behind this, I’ll be happy to follow up via DM and use some examples from your calendar that really highlight how just moving the same workouts to a later date isn’t always the best way to ensure those workouts will be achievable and result in success for you as an athlete, especially after time away from the training.

Second, Run workouts! You can now import and analyze runs in TrainerRoad to help improve your multisport training, planning, and analysis. More info here: New Early Access Feature: Import and Analyze Runs in TrainerRoad!’ You’ll still have to mark your swims as complete, but you wont have to mark all of those run workouts as complete and review adaptations if you forget to do so.

Next, Traditional Base blocks work SUPER well within Adaptive Training, and is not ‘frowned upon’ at all! Using Plan Builder will yield better results in the scope of long-term goals and event planning, but we keep this feature active because of how effectively it serves so many of our athletes.

More good news: manually adding a Traditional Base block (or any phase) doesn’t ‘turn off AT automatically’. You still get the full benefits of Adaptive Training in workout analysis, post-workout surveys, workout adaptations, Progression Level updates, and all of the AT features.

To answer “Ended up clearing my entire calendar to start over. Did I reset AT?”:
Nope! Adaptive Training is aware of the work you’ve done and where your current fitness levels are, even if you delete/edit/reapply a plan or phase. When determining the difficulty of your first few workouts of a new plan or phase (and when deciding how swiftly to progress your workouts) Adaptive Training considers all that work you previously completed; regardless of wether you deleted your current plan or not.

In your case, even using TrainNow without a plan at all would utilize your training history when recommending workouts. You can trust AT to intelligently keep track of where your fitness has been, where it is now, and how to move you forward effectively.

Please DM me if you have any questions on the aforementioned info, our new Time Off or Run features, training plans, or otherwise! I’ll be happy to take a look. :smiley:


This all seems so complicated now.

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What can I help you with? Happy to try and clear up any confusion!

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I appreciate the long response. Very helpful. Sorry for the delay of this thank you. Life has been crazy the last few weeks

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All good, Alen! Hopefully stuff settles down for you a bit, we’re here to help!