Ability to see training plan phases in calendar

Apologies if this is mentioned somewhere, I did check.

It would be really nice to be able to easily see which phase of the training plan you are in. I’m thinking that if the TSS chart at the top of the calendar could have an option to highlight each block of a training plan. For example weeks 23-27 could have a semi-transparent block over them saying “sustained power build 1” etc.

Unless there is another easy way for me to see what phase I’m currently in? At the moment I scroll through the calendar searching for the tags on mondays where it mentions a new phase name.


I’d also like more color and/or symbols that make it more clear in the calendar and graph as well.


+1 on this

Good request. +1


To generalize little bit: user-defined annotation from calendar with title, date range and color. It gives users more flexibility (think custom plan, sickness, vacations, etc) :thinking:

+1 as well. David has this pretty much nailed in intervals.icu


Hi Tomski86, I’m also an interval.icu user… but I didnt knew that this was possible.
How do you set this up into the interval.icu calendar?



You clik that little ‘calendar +’ icon thingy and it lets you add different forms of add-ons to the calendar, notes, races etc.


Ok! Thanks for clearing this out! I’m going to test it right away :smiley: Thx Tomski86!


+1 from me too

Yup. I’ve been trying to use the “Notes” function to do this, but having a dedicated function would be awesome

This is what I came to say too!

Our Design Team is looking into something like this :slightly_smiling_face:.


Wait how do you do this on Intervals? Mine doesn’t show that at all.

EDIT: Disregard. Just saw the other reply. Thanks!

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