Feature request: change workout variation within the calendar

I had Matthes+1 scheduled yesterday, but had extra time to ride and ended up choosing to do Matthes+5. It would be great a feature if this was something that you could quickly change in the calendar, maybe a drop-down menu with all the workout variations or something similar. In the end, I had to open the workout, scroll to the workout variation I wanted, add it to the calendar in the right place and then delete the old variation that I was not going to do.

Oooorrrrrrr…you could’ve just selected the workout, done the workout and then associated the two in the calendar and there would’ve been no need for the deleting or adding fuss :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your feedback! It is always appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you given our newest Desktop Beta Apps a try? (If not, you can download those here: Join the TrainerRoad Beta Program to Get the Newest Features - TrainerRoad) In those new apps we have a nice drawer that opens when you select “Workout Variants” to see all of your options. So, that should help making your selection that much easier!

Additionally, matching the completed workout to your planned workout is your best option, as @Crownan said above. That way your TSS will also display that you did more than you had planned, which is useful information! To see how to match your workouts/ rides with a planned workout check out this Help Center Article:

I do see the benefit of having variants of a workout automatically match up with the original planned workout. So, I will bring this up with the team. Although, I am certain this is something we have planned for improvements down the road.

Thanks again for the feedback! Keep up the good work! :+1: