Feature Request: easily swap between workout variants on calendar modal

Right now you have to click to open the workout, then select the variant, then add to calendar, then delete the previous workout

Ideally you could have a +/- button next to the workout to swap the variant (up for plus versions down for minus versions)

Behold my amazing art to illustrate this concept




Yes please.

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+1 +2 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5

Just kidding - it’s a good idea.


I couldn’t see those controls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, plus and minus symbols, please… as they match the whole concept and variation naming directly.

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Yes please!


Yes! It would be great. Had the same thought while trying to figure out the options to shortcut a training due to lack of time and finished by maintaining the plan but ending the session before the last couple of sprints.

This would make a huge difference.

Yes please. Bump, as I was looking for this exact feature recently.

@Bryce any word if this is on the roadmap?


Perfect! +1 here as well.

This substitution seems to be in place in the current (new this last summer) desktop app (PC/Mac).

  1. Go to the Calendar.
  2. Click on any workout.
  3. Scroll to the “Workout Variants” button and click it. (Note: not all workouts have variants.)
  4. Click any variant.
  5. Click “Replace Workout”.

We can hope that this will also show up in the pending mobile app update, and maybe the website at some point too. But it is implemented in one place right now.

Awesome! I need to use the app more than the website now that it is so good. Guess I need to install the app on my work computer so I can work on my training plans in the office. :grin:

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This is spot on, thanks Chad! Our efforts are currently being focused into the revamp of the mobile apps, but once the apps are complete, we plan to bring the website into “feature parity,” meaning you will have the same features on both the web and app calendars.