Feature Request: Calendar - Defining the Week Day Start

Hi TR! Love the new calendar.

I have a request/suggestion. Right now, the calendar is split into weeks that start Monday and end Sunday, with a tally of TSS, Time, etc. Sometimes it’s not great for someone to have their week defined like this - shift work, family/work obligations, whathaveyou.

Would it be possible to have a function that allows us to redefine our weeks? i.e. Weds to Tues. This way, people can adjust the week rows as it fits their training window and the weekly tallies could reflect this as well.



I agree. I would love this feature.


My brain works on Sunday start… so it gete confusing when I’m flipping between my daily Life agenda & training calendar


Oblewis, have you received a reply from TR on this yet. I am very interested in this feature.

Hey all!

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on this!

Adjustable Calendar Start Date is not currently on our Development Roadmap, unfortunately :pensive: . Training Calendars have traditionally always started on Mondays, and that is the way we chose to build it. That being said, we are always listening to our users and if the demand for this continues to grow, then we may consider adding adjustability in the future as development resources free up.


I agree this would be great. I look at schedules in every other part of my life that are Sunday to Saturday, so every time I look at my TR calendar I think it’s a different day. It’s just a little confusing.


Agreed this would be great! My work schedule works on a different week (sat-sun) so adjusting would be super helpful.

I agree. Every calendar I use is a Sunday through Saturday standard. These are my IOS calendar, Outlook Calendar, shared calendars with my wife, and the calendar the local realtor sends me every year. I’m getting used to the TR calendar and have adapted to the TR format, but it would be nice if TR calendars were the same as the others, or at least give you the option of which day you would like your week to start on. But the TR calendar feature is a great feature and am very satisfied with it. As a feature enhancement I also wish there were radio buttons that you could select to display “calendar view” or “list view”.


Hi Bryce

One more user here who would love this feature in future! I’m currently living in the Middle East where the working week is Sunday to Thursday and most races are on Fridays. A Monday to Sunday schedule therefore makes no sense for me and I’m having to make a lot of manual adjustments to the Plans (basically moving 2 workouts from every week into the preceding week), and then track weekly TSS in my own spreadsheet outside TR.


Whilst it would not benefit me personally I would support it for others.

A quick win could be to have an option to push days as we have for weeks. For example push all planned workouts by 6 days and that’s it and you have your new weekday start on Sunday.
Could also help in many other cases for example push by 2 days due to travel and so on.

With the ability to sync to remote calendars that have this ability the view isn’t really the big issue. Or at least there’s a solution for the view.

However, the more base issue is the the action of laying in the plans can be trap for newbies. Why? Well the interface for doing that is actually it provide unexpected results for the uninformed. Here’s the example that shows that.

  1. Pick a plan, use traditional base mid volume as it’s a simple example that makes it more obvious due to off days.
  2. The day picker comes up. You decide you’d like you week to start on Sunday not Tuesday.
  3. Move each work out BACK 2 DAYS on the layout.
  4. At this point you think you have shifted the works backwards 2 days.
  5. The start date picker now appears.
  6. Start date picker only allows you to pick a week.
  7. Pick a week and drop the schedule in
  8. Review the order of work outs to the published plan. They are now out of order and might in some cases break the intended design of the work out.

This isn’t a problem for any Ventran TR Users we know what the plans look like; and the Type A’s (looking at you Triathletes) are going to triple check the plans. The risk here is to the new users that don’t know what a good plan is suppose to look like.

To make the interface consistent either:
(a) The start day of the plan should be any day of the week,
(b) Choose Work Days picker should perhaps have Monday - Sunday remove and be relabeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 … Day 7. And a big note should be at the top that says DAY 1 is current anchored to Monday and cannot be changed. If you want a different start date you will need to drag and drop the works after they are on the schedule to create the desired offset.

All of this can be simplified long before the system can be made more powerful by limited programming team resources. A “shift” function on the calendar can solve the above need and address others, more bang from the refactoring. Example: Click in the header of the Date Number in a calendar square. Popup a dialog “Shift this workout and all following plan workouts” (Since we can delete a plan I assume that you know which are plan workout. Add a check box to exclude “Other activities”) . Yeah I know slippery slope from there on, but better to start considering this need for the Data Schema now than after it’s too late.

A simple (to start with) Shift function solves those with different weeks and benefits everyone; it also addresses aging athletes that follow a plan, but simply need to insert additional rest days on demand, after age 50 push the schedule is far more effective than skipping one of the sequence. Does a plus 50 need a 9 week cycle? probably not, with a shift function you don’t need to even build that out anytime soon.

Now that all said; thanks to drag and drop I’m happy to only plan out 3-4 weeks and just drag and drop but I’m not type A; imagine a 50 year old Mr Lee. that has 2 years scheduled and now needs to insert a rest day, poor guy will get an RSS injury dragging and dropping 600+ squares.

Is it possible for a week to start on another day than monday in the calendar - to calculate the weeks total TSS?

I want my weekly TSS to start from 0TSS on saturday, because I often have either a race or a hard group ride that vary from 50 TSS to maybe 350TSS, depending on who joins the ride…

If my weekly goal is 500TSS, and its hard to predict how the saturday TSS is going to be, I can end up with a weekly TSS far from 500.

However; if my week start from 0 on saturday and my ride is 350 - i know that I only fill up with 150TSS for the rest of the week

If my ride is 50TSS i fill up with 450 and so on.

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Not possible to change at the moment, per this post above.

Dude - are you a robot ?:grin: that was the fastest reply in recorded history

Thank you :blush:

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Yes, @mcneese.chad is actually a bot.


:smiley: I do what I can, when I can :robot:

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For what it’s worth, I too am in the middle east and work a Sun-Thu week with weekends on Fri/Sat. I would appreciate top configure TR to treat Sunday as the first day of the week.

As a newbie, I hadn’t considered some of the points by @ratz - I was more after this option for the visual ease of planning and scheduling my training in lockstep with my work week.

In the UK, the week starts on Sunday not Monday. C’mon TR, give us what we want!

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Or… can we at least get a feature to color on day names? For those who feel confused(including me) would use this feature to color sat/sun in dim red color.

If coloring is implementable feature, then the feature might feel like this

  1. set color for day names(header text color)
  2. set background color for each headers(header background color)
  3. set background color for each columns(body background color)
  4. default palette for background colors should be somewhat dim/low in contrast
  5. user might choose custom color based on rgb/cmyk

Would you consider? Thanks.

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