Local weather on the TR calendar? [Feature Request]

I did a quick search but didn’t see this asked so…

I was wondering if it was posable to get local weather forecast on the TR calendar (kinda like what google has). I live in Minnesota and I’m trying to get as much riding outside as posable. Seeing the forecast for the week would allow me to move workouts around to accommodate my LV plan.
I realize this might be odd request as I can just check out google, but I’ve just started to use TR and I really like the dedicated (un-busy) training calendar.

Have you considered the TR Calendar Export options (which includes Google Calendar) to have your TR workouts shown in Google, with all your other info already in place (including your weather)?

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I have done that… and I’ll continue to use both TR and google if need be. it’s just with everything else in my life that’s on google (bills, obligations and honey do lists), looking at the TR calendar is just easy and less stressful…

Thanks for the suggestion! This would be really cool to have a little weather ‘widget’ on your TrainerRoad calendar. Passing this along to the team to see if we can get it on the roadmap! :crossed_fingers: