Feature Request: Monday week start consistency across TR

With a Monday week start being the norm on TR, it would be nice to have other TR calendar features also align with this standard and begin on Monday. Here are two examples where I’ve noticed misalignment with the “Monday” standard.

The calendar date pickers in the Personal Records “season” creator use a Sunday to Saturday calendar. It would be nice to have these also start on Monday.
Calendar Date Picker

And when using Plan Builder, if Monday is a rest day and the first workout is on a Tuesday, the respective labels for Plans, Blocks, and Weeks all land on a Tuesday, rather than on Monday, like this:
Plan Builder Calendar

After building a plan, I go through the whole calendar and move all the plan labels to Monday so it looks like this:
Screenshot 2020-06-29 18.05.21

Could these labels be set to land on the Monday?


Yup, annoying and requires you to pay attention more than you should.

Pick a format and stick with it for EVERYTHING. I know the basic reason for picking the Monday start as a rule, and like it myself. They are likely getting burned by default calendar programming that is the Sunday start.

But they really need to make sure every interace is consistent across all entry boxes and platforms.

I wondered if it must be something like that, standardized Sunday week code for date pickers.

With the second issue, where Plan Builder starts on the day of the first workout rather than defaulting to Monday, I hope they have more latitude to resolve this.

I do want to say, I’m so often struck with an appreciation for their thoughtful attention to detail in the UI. For example, I love the visual representation of current, target, and interval power in the desktop app during a workout. I think it’s brilliant.

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The Sunday-Saturday date-picking calendar is something that the design team has recently discussed and plans to resolve :+1:.

As for your request for the start annotations to begin on Monday, I will mention it to the team for consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions with us!


Thank you @Bryce!

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I disagree with changing the annotations. The annotations appear to be tacked to the first workout of that block / week / etc., which makes a lot of sense. If you move the workouts around within the week, it’ll update the annotation to be on the first workout of that timespan.