Calendar Enhancement - Limiting Empty White Space

There is a ton of empty white space on the calendar tiles, especially when it comes to vertical spacing which doesn’t seem to scale like it does horizontally which leads to things taking up a lot more room than they really need to. This is really apparent when you’re a triathlete that can have a whack of activities on a given day. I did up a quick mock-up of what the same page would look like if the vertical spacing of things was tightened up a bit–it’s a pretty large amount of space freed up. There are other calendar enhancements I’d like to see, but I’ll focus on this one for now. :smiley:

Standard Calendar view on Desktop browser:

Modified Calendar view on Desktop browser (w/slightly darkened tile outlines):

Standard Calendar view in desktop mode on my phone:

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FWIW, TrainingPeaks suffers from the same problem when the workouts include a description. Today’s Plan has a very compact view (but I don’t use it hardly at all), has options for selecting normal, compact, and minimal views.

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What problem are you trying to solve? Are there days when all your activities for a given day can’t be seen without scrolling? It doesn’t seem that way in your example.

White space in any presentation is important. It helps break up information and give balance. It’s especially useful for making it easier to scan through the page and quickly pick out the information you need.


I prefer the space as it’s easier on my eyes.


The standard one is so clean and sexy. The compact one not so much. :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:

Yes, that does happen at times and I can’t see what the date is without scrolling back and forth - - seeing two weeks in a row is impossible alot of the time.

I agree white space is important, but it seems like overkill here. It can also be easily done in other ways like text size, boldness, lines, colours, etc. If the spacing was like the spacing between the time/TSS values and that text I think it would help a lot.

Adding the extra dark gray on the outlines may be throwing it off a bit too.

Example of the same week (minus skipped workouts of course) on Garmin Connect from my phone in Desktop view:

I find the compact look itself not very appealing. It’s hard on the eyes and doesn’t deliver any value. For me it solves a problem that doesn’t exist. Though that’s just my two penny worth.


Too many workouts. There’s your problem. :rofl:

I recently installed a dark mode extension for my browser. Now I have no whitespace issues on most sites. :rofl:

But, seriously, I’m finding I like it better than the white. For example, did you know there are lines on the Training Stress chart on the Career page? I didn’t until I turned on dark mode.


The PR and other flags on the calendar stand out better too.


Haha, nice - - I guess that’s one way to instantly get rid of whitespace! :rofl::+1: