Add FTP Changes to Calendar

I was looking back through my calendar and realized there was nothing showing what my FTP was at. To do a comparison I had to open the calendar window and the career overview TSS chart.

It would be nice if we could enable the calendar to have an entry/annotation every time FTP changes. Maybe there could be a way to toggle it on and off? If it could be toggled, it could be added to the TSS chart at the top to help out the other feature request: FTP on Calendar TSS Chart. Default the toggle selection to hidden as to not clutter the display, but when a user wants to do a comparison and look through their data they could turn it on.


Thanks for the suggestion! I can see how it could be helpful to show this information in the Calendar view in addition to showing it on the standard TSS chart.

I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration!

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I’ve been adding an annotation to my calendar, with a short bit to show the change direction for quick skimming. Something automatic would be handy, since the info is available.

I’m probably going to go back and add those myself just to have the nice tracking.

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