Feature request - annotating calendar with changes (minor suggestion)

Hi, When I look at a week and think to myself, I need to shift these around to suit my lifestyle etc. I would like to annotate the changes on the calendar so I know what I have done, and more importantly, why I did it. Partly this is out of respect for their original order (respecting that Chad has designed the week in a specific way) and partly for my own sake to say (Moved from Friday so I can have a clear xmas day or whatever).

There is another situaton. That is when I pick a training plan and move the intensities around over the weekdays of the plan. Again I do this, then think to myself, there must have been logic to the original order which I am now losing.

Just an idea…

Just add an "annotation’ in the calendar notating your changes and reasons.



ok - took me a while to work out where that was. I was clicking on teh date and expecting something to pop up. It is under the “Add workout” right at the bottom and I had not noticed it. Thanks

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