Can we print out Calendar?

I like to hang my schedule on my wall so that I have a visual as I go about my day (and so that hubby knows what to expect) - curious if we can print out weeks/months?



Trainer Road calendar does not seem to be suited for printing.
But if you export it to Google Calendar, you can print that.


Screen print (grab) each month is a work around.


Bumping to the top. Is there a better way to print the calendar than a screen grab? I tried that and landscape on 8 1/2x11 you can’t read anything.

Nothing new offered at this time.

Why isn’t there anything new offered?

what are you trying to read? I’ve used the screen grab and its readable.

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I can only speculate, but this is likely a lower priority compared to other items they are doing or have on the “to do” list.

Just curious if I’m the only one that thinks not having a non-third-party export option is a downside to TR.

My goal is the same as the OP’s…print out my weekly plan to hang on the fridge for my family to see, also it helps me stay accountable to myself.

But printing out a screen grab shows the font at approximately 6-8 pt size, really too small even on a landscape page, to be easily read.

Even if it’s not a priority for TR now, I think it should be put on the list.


I just edited the thread to include the “Feature Request” tag and will also tag @IvyAudrain to make sure this is on their list.


No trouble reading if I resize the browser window (make it smaller) and only grab the days (and not the summary). But its a hassle and would be better if TR optimized layout for print.


my guess here, and its just a guess, is that being able to export these plans into spreadsheets or other applications that makes it easier to print, also makes it easier for people to ‘steal’ the plans and recycle them into other sites. Of course its not impossible to do that now, but its certainly a hell of a lot fo work to recreate a full plan in a way that it can be passed on, whereas a lot of export options would mean these plans were out there in just a couple of clicks…

And I dont blame them for that either - its their IP at the end of the day. I too would like a good print out for my pain cave though…

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