Calendar Updates: Move Plan Starts, Past Plans added to Calendar, Easier to Find "Delete Plan", and Color Tweaks

We’ve added a couple Calendar features today. A list of upcoming features can be viewed here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!

Move Plan Start Annotations

Before we had plan start annotations tied to the first workout. The problem with that is if you decided to have your first few rides be outside the plan start date wouldn’t be represented correctly.

You can now move your plan start around to your heart’s content and it doesn’t have to be tied to a workout.

Past Plans added to Calendar

We added annotations for all of the past plans you’ve done if:

  1. You did at least one workout on that plan
  2. You didn’t delete the plan

This still doesn’t make it super clear to see past plans as you have to scroll and find them. We’re going to add past plans to the training stress chart so it’s super clear to see how you’re progressing through plans (along with percent plan complete).

Easier to see “Delete Plan” button

Our previous delete plan button wasn’t very clear. We’ve now made it a bigger button so it’s easier to see how to delete a plan.

Color Tweaks

We also made some slight color tweaks to our site. They aren’t very noticeable but I think things look a lot better! GJ TrainerRoad Daniel!

That’s it for today!


MUCH love to the Calendar. I came late to TR, so I’ve never known a TR without the ability to load in external outdoor rides (I think I signed up when that was in beta). I imagine that was as huge as this, but THIS, for me, is huge. :star::star::star::star::star::star:

I hope this is the right place for a Feature Request. Is it possible to shift an entire plan or multiple plans back an arbitrary number of days? Maybe we can, and I’m just too blood-oxygen starved to see it because of all my perfectly hard and consistent TR work.

I had my year planned out through October 2019, but then some unexpected travel came up, and I struggled a bit with how to adjust my plans to account for it. I’ll be off bike enough that I don’t want to just skip the workouts and pick up the plan as if I wasn’t gone, but not so long that I need to worry about repeating anything. I’d love to have been able to just pick up a workout, and move it and all subsequent workouts back by about a week and a half. Then I’d go back and put a couple filler rides in the gap between trips, and call it good.

It wasn’t a huge deal in my case - I just deleted the plans, and manually moved the remaining rides in my current phase back, scheduled the filler workouts, and scheduled the following plans back out again. There weren’t that many rides left in my current phase, so it didn’t take long. I can see it being a significant time saver though, if a phase has just started, or you have a carefully custom-made schedule and then are hit with unexpected but relatively short time-off-bike. Unless it’s a stock plan, rebuilding all that could be painful.

Yes, you can shift your entire plan one week at a time. If you click on the three dot menu on the right side of a week there are options to move, copy, push and pull weeks.


Nate, so stoked so far about the calandar, and I know you guys are moving fast.

I’d love to see the ability to drag an entire training block by grabbing the block title above the first workout. When I push the week, it pushed all subsequent blocks as well, which I suppose makes sense, but was somewhat unexpected.

Also, it would be great to be able to select a workout variant from the dialog that comes up when you select the workout for that day on the calendar. Saves some back and forth and having to go through the “add to calendar” workflow.

Keep it up!

Would love to see the ability to look at previously done work out and have ‘Add to Calendar’ right there!

You can move an entire week right now, we don’t have a way to move all workouts in a day or just three in a week at once. You’d have to drag them one at a time.

Workout variants will show up in the workout drill in.

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Well have a copy option right there where you can the. Add it anywhere.

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There it is! Awesome.

Is there nothing TR cannot do?


Would be great if annotations showed up in the TSS chart. This would be a good way to visually see over a year what lead to FTP improvements, caused TSS declines, etc.

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A feature request that dawned on me this am for the future – the ability to go into the past and copy a period of time to now. Example: Next fall, I could copy 4 weeks of this fall and fill in the calendar with to-be-done versions. So if I had a custom setup for those 4 weeks, I would not have to re-create it from scratch – but could easily update/modify based on lessons learned.

Hope this makes sense.

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Feature request: Hopefully this is an easy one: The ability to add annotation comments to a non-TR workout. Forexample, Monday’s run was cut short and I wanted to note the issues surrounding the change. No place to put it.

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A workaround, you can click on the day of the workout and add an annotation. It’s not directly attached to the workout, but at least you have an annotation for that day.

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Is there a way to just add particular weeks of a plan to the calendar without adding the full plan?

Nope, not at this time. But it was mentioned as a feature that they plan to add.

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@Nate_Pearson Not actually replying to this particular answer of yours, but the screen grab is a good one for the question…

Talking of colours (correct spelling there :stuck_out_tongue: ), are you planning on, or can you put on your to do list alongside not forgetting multi-tools, changing the colours for each month - even if it is just two colours, like white and light grey, so that you can quickly differentiate between the months. When you start logging in a years worth or pre-planning, figuring out what month you are in is a bit hard at the moment.

Cheers, bud!


There’s a design internally to improve this. We’ve had resources on other stuff lately so it’s been in limbo. I’m not sure when it’s going to be released.


Fantastic @Nate_Pearson

You and your team are hands down one of the best in the world for interaction with your clients. Imagine someone saying “can you make this button blue” to Bill Gates and getting a response? Nup…never happen.

Never change the ethos of your company. Five star, for sure!


Is there a way to highlight specific workouts in Calendar?

For example I have my ride workouts and my gym workouts (also programmed but manually typed in). I’d like to “highlight” the gym workouts to make them stand out more.

Hope that makes sense and couldn’t find a great thread to pop that query into.

For those familiar with Outlook calendar, you can easily color code different meetings each day. That is what I’m looking for.

Tnx tnx


While there is no way to color code workouts themselves, it is possible to add colored annotations to specific days to make them stand out more. You can learn how to add an annotation in this Help Center Article.

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That works!!

Mucho Gracias Bryce.