Calendar requests: Annotations recurring & Holidays (auto insert)

Hello, I would like to request a couple of features for the calendar.
It would be nice to auto insert holidays for different countries. With this feature it may be more easy to identify some times when my training plan could be interrupted if I am going to make plans around the holiday.
It would also be nice if you could set calendar annotations to recur at a certain frequency as per a manually entered workout (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, annually, custom). Similar to the above I would like to enter some events into my calendar that are recurring so I remember when I will want to move some workouts around other events that I have in my life which I cannot move around.

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Thanks for this! We agree that some better planned time-off would be a great feature within the calendar and Plan Builder. We have something we’re working on that should help with this, but we’ll still pass this specific suggestion along to the team.

For the recurring annotation suggestion, I want to make sure you’re aware of the ability to set a recurring manually-added activity. Does this meet that specific need or are you looking for something different? Let me know!

thank you @IvyAudrain.
Yes, for now I have created a repeating (annually) workout, however, this creates a large tile entry in my calendar (taking up a lot of space and potentially displacing a workout should I have one on the same day to the 2nd lower slot which gets cut off) vs a more slim calendar entry if it were an annotation. Nit picky I know but if the annotations can be enhanced a bit that would be great.
Thank you for your assistance

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