Can you schedule future trainnow workouts that auto update?

I think I know the answer to this but it is worth a try (I am guessing the answer is “no”).
I am using a plan (Polarized) and supplementing with additional trainnow workouts every week.
I would like to put the trainnow workouts in my calendar ahead of time so I can see that I will ride on these days and so my calendar is not blank on the days I plan to do additional rides.
I will always only be adding additional “Endurance” trainnow rides as well.
If I scheduled these trainnow rides ahead of time (the week before), would they get updated if needed when I complete similar workouts leading up to them if my progression level changes?

Just to understnad your workflow:

  • You open TrainNow, change the duration if needed, and then look at the recommended Endurance level.
  • Refresh if need until you find a desired workout, open that and then apply it to your calendar on a future date.
  • Then repeat this for as many times as you want to preload the calendar.

If that is right, those future workouts won’t adapt in any way from what I know. TrainNow is not really meant to work like that. It is targeted at the immediate needs of a rider wanting a workout in short order, and one that is aimed at finding something productive and not overly taxing based upon the most recent history.

What you want seems to be more of a “TrainLater” feature :stuck_out_tongue: and I think we have seen similar comments before. I will try a search to see if we have an open feature request, but I think we might.

The idea of having a more intelligent and linked way to supplement a plan makes sense to me in a way to automate one of the common recommendations (use Low Vol and add Endurance rides).


Then they wouldn’t be “Train Now” :wink:

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Those TrainNow workouts scheduled for future dates wont be adapted based upon that work once added to your calendar, but they’ll still change on the TrainNow page itself.

@sonny and @mcneese.chad are correct in that the workout being served to you today via TrainNow wont be the same on the future day you’re scheduling it on.
The reason why its important to wait until day-of to select a TrainNow workout is due to the adaptive nature of TrainNow in accounting for what you’ve recently completed, and assessing what the best workout for you at the moment is.

I would recommend just using an Annotation to use as a placeholder on those days. The color you choose for a ‘TrainNow’ annotation will be saved as a recurring color as well for easy use. I’ve seen athletes do this and use placeholders like ‘TrainNow Climbing’ or ‘TrainNow Endurance’ for future days.

An alternate plan would be to use filters in the workout library and schedule those added workouts out a few weeks at a time. You can filter by both type of workout (endurance), and we have a filter for Progression Level as well.
The drawback here is that you’d miss out on TrainNow confirming what the best workout for you for that day is.

Let me know if you have any further questions!