Zoom out calendar (feature request)

I’ve done some searching and I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything but thought it would be nice if we could zoom out the calendar to see more than 2 weeks at a time.

It would be nice to see a bigger view of what is coming up on the calendar when building for events, etc. And also when comparing time or TSS from week to week which can be tricky with the jumpy scrolling the calendar has and seems to not be fixable.

This is mainly referencing viewing on a desktop (non-app) browser although I don’t think you can zoom out on any of the platforms.


+1 to this.


I also give this a +1

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I’m on a 2010 iMac and can see four and a bit weeks at a time in my browser window, the “bit” being the day number and workout title of the fifth week. That’s with every workout set to “outside”. Looking at past weeks where there’s the workout or Strava image then I can see three weeks at once.

This is with the browser zoom setting at 100%. Zooming out to 80% and I’ll get an extra week.

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Ah didn’t think of browser zoom, thanks! Tried it and at 75% I can see almost 3 weeks, 50% I can see 5 weeks but is getting to the point where it’s not very readable.

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