Learn from Amber Pierce, Alex Wild and Pete Morris how they read a race like a pro, how much time you need to recover between A-Races, how to use injuries to get faster and much more in Episode 295 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How to get more out of your training calendar 3:40
  • How to balance riding, training, and racing 14:39
  • How to use an injury to get faster 27:18
  • How to read the race like a pro 44:42
  • Favorite on-the-bike drinks 1:30:15
  • Kettlebell exercises for cyclists 1:32:14
  • How to train after an injury 1:35:28
  • Why you might not need 90g of carbs per hour 1:40:43
  • Is there an ideal power for crit racing? 1:42:44
  • Bike handling skills for gravel racers 1:44:26
  • How much recovery is required after an A-Race? 1:55:18

Resources and Studies Mentioned in This Episode

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