Read the Race Like a Pro, A-Race Recovery, Injuries and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 295

Join us live on YouTube for Episode 295 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

We’re going to leverage the racing nous of Amber Pierce, Alex Wild and Pete Morris to find out how they read a race like a pro, ranging from the specific anecdote to the theoretical. We’ll also dig into how much time you need to recover between A-Races and how to use injuries as an opportunity to get faster and much more. It’s going to be a fun one!

Tune in live on YouTube, Thursday at 8:00am Pacific, or catch the archive on your favorite podcast app!

YouTube Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How to get more out of your training calendar
  • How to balance riding, training and racing
  • How to use an injury to get faster
  • How to read the race like a pro
  • Favorite on-the-bike drinks
  • Kettlebell exercises for cyclists
  • How to train after an injury
  • Is there an ideal power for crit racing?
  • Why you might not need 90g of carbs per hour
  • Bike handling skills for gravel racers
  • How much recovery is required after an A-Race?

Resources and Studies Mentioned in This Episode

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Great comments from Pete and co. about focusing on performance improving activities after an injury that aren’t TSS.

As a newbie, does TR have a way to incorporate some of those more holistic concepts (incl. limiters of many varieties) into plans/careers?

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Not related to the podcast content, but it’s great that there are timestamps in the podcast description on Spotify. I will make re-listening to a specific section much easier!


Like Pete, I too would have picked the beer!

And the story of Amber racing with a broken rib, getting dropped, catching up, then winning the race WITH A BROKEN RIB was very inspiring! I’ve had a cracked rib from jiujitsu before and the thought of cardio with an injured rib makes me want to cry…

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AlexWild - totally agree with you about the Epic. I bought an S-Works last summer and I use it for just about everything: trails, gravel and paved training rides.

Help me out with something: I’ve done a few 40 mileish gravel races recently on the Epic. I’m at some disadvantage, but it doesn’t seem to be too great. I’m thinking a hardtail Epic with a bigger chainring, rigid fork and gravel tires might just be the perfect gravel racer. What do you think? (I just really consider myself a MTBer and can’t bring myself to buy a bike with those curly bars up front.)