Detraining happens any time we decrease training stimulus, but how quickly does it happen, how can you retain as much fitness as possible, and how should you adjust your race strategy as a result? Join us for a deep dive into this and many other topics in Episode 309 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode

How quickly do you lose fitness and what kind do you lose first?

  • How to adjust your race tactics if you aren’t fit
  • Getting the most from a slow group ride
  • The hosts’ analysis on the first MTB World Cups
  • What contributes to an exceptional performance
  • Why Loana Lecomte is so good
  • Heart Rate vs. Power vs. RPE
  • Flexibility vs. Mobility
  • What is more important: aero or power?
  • How to find the ideal TT position
  • How gaining weight may make you faster
  • How to gain weight but still keep your power to weight ratio

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