What most people don’t understand about attacks, how to make Sweetspot work easier, supplements for cyclists & more in this episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

• The best way to ease into long intervals
• How early should you start pre-race nutrition?
• Are attacks more mental than physical?
• How to carry more corner speed
• How to pick races that make you faster
• How to time nutrition with racing
• What type of food is best before a race?
• Why VO2max intervals are more complex than you think
• How the same workout can deliver different benefits
• How to warm up for a sprint triathlon
• How to pace a time trial
• How to train for short time trials
• How to use your power meter and smart trainer
• Are anti-oxidants bad for cyclists?
• How much water is needed to store glycogen
• Why cyclists shouldn’t take creatine

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