Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

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Here’s a video from one of EF’s nutritionists, where he talks about making this drink mix. He has a little more info about what concentrations to mix that may be useful.


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I have seen a lot of people assuming Gatorade is 1:1 glucose:fructose, but I’m looking at the ingredients label on Gatorade and it includes “sugar”(presumably sucrose, 1:1 glucose:fructose) followed by dextrose(glucose). This would imply a more than 1:1 ratio, although its hard to know how much dextrose there is. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this amount of dextrose small enough that it is essentially still 1:1?

Totally agree. I just bought carbo gain from amazon and 100% fructose from vs assuming to know what the ratio was on Gatorade. If I’m going to go to this much effort to mix my own drink mix I’m not going to assume what the ingredients are on any of the items.


There’s a bunch of different gatorade formulations, so not surprising. Looking at labels on the gatorade website it looks like:

  • thirst-quentcher has the added dextrose, and it’s barely anything (112 floz bottle is 22g total carbs, 21 of which are sucrose per the nutrition label, so maybe 1g/5% dextrose?).
  • G2 is just sugar.
  • GZero obviously has almost none, but unshockingly not 0g
  • Endurance mix seems to have quite a bit more dextrose… might actually be close to 2:1 already. And it has more electrolytes that plants crave…

I made that assumption because its better to err on the side of too much glucose to limit the amount of fructose which causes more GI issues. Ie 90g of 2:1 gatorade:maltodextrin mix is going to be less than or equal to 30g of fructose. We dont know how much dextrose and I dont really want to bother to find out. If you are concerned just by maltodextrin and fructose seperately and mix at the correct ratios

1 1/3 cup Gatorade powder
2 1/3 cup Maltodextrin

I think your measurements might be reversed. I think you want about half as much maltodextrin as gatorade powder as gatorade is already about 1:1 glucose fructose so with the measurements above you’ll end up with roughly 6:1. glucose:fructose

I’ve seen this mistake made a couple times on this thread and I just wanted to chime in to make sure I’m not the one mistaken here since I’m also using gatorade as my base. Perhaps I’m missing something.

Edit: I see there is a bit of a discussion further down about what the ratio is in gatorade without any concrete conclusion. I still think if we assume roughly 1:1 we should be going for 2:1 gatorade to malto to get close to the 2:1 malto:fructose mix.

Thanks, I’ll double check. I do know the malto is significantly less dense than the gatorade, so when measuring by volume like I am it seems like a lot more malto.

So just checking, I am using - by weight - 2 parts malto to one part fructose, that’s the ‘correct’ ratio isn’t it? Cheers


I’ve gone down the bulk powders route, thanks for all the info - how many g of electrolytes per 1kg of carb mix would people recommend?

For context I’ve mixed 5kg/2.5kg Malto to Fructose, then 500g of SIS Go I had left over for taste. So for 8kg of mix where I want 80g or so per bottle, is it as simple as 1g per serving so 100g in 8kg?

Aware there’s already 6g in the SIS powder I’ve added.

Has anyone been able to find a good source on maltodextrin/fructose in canada?

I’m in the U.S. but my fructose dealer,, appears to ship to Canada.

Edit: google suggests a number of Canadian craft brewing sites that will ship 50lb maltodextrin. Here’s one:


Malto I get direct from
Still trying to find a fructose supply

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So I have my Maltodextrin, my Fructose, and my Sodium Citrate.
Does anyone have ideas on what I could add for flavoring?

I like the ‘true lemon’ citrus flavors.
I have tried several other powdered fruits - lemon, raspberry, and pomegranate and they have all been nasty and completely unusable. No-one in my family could stand them.

Thanks toyman, I’ll check it out.

I finally ordered everything to mix my own bottles. Should be here in time for this weekend’s rides. Anyone use Nuun tablets for electrolyte? Do they provide enough flavor, or do you add something in addition? Thanks!!

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I use Nuun tablets quite bit (and like most of the flavors), but haven’t done much with adding carbs to this in particular. Most of the time I do my own mix with carbs I also just use my own electrolyte mix along with the true lemon flavoring.
I do expect Nuun to offer enough flavor, at least for adding maltodextrin, as that isn’t sweet. If you also add fructose, that could end up just being super sweet without enough flavor. Let us know how you like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll definitely report back. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and am really looking forward to mixing my own bottles, especially as I try to ramp up my carb intake during longer, harder rides. Right now my custom Infinit mix has 72g of carbs and I usually only take one serving for up to a two hour ride. Sometimes if I’m really suffering I’ll also have a Gu gel for another 22g of carbs.

I have two “base” recipes created with no electrolyte - one with 75g of carbs and another with 100g. I have some left over Precision Hydration variety sachets that I can add for electrolytes, and also ordered some Nuun tablets. The PH sachets add 17g of carbs plus 500, 1000, or 1500mg of sodium depending on the packet. Nuun adds 4g of carbs and 400mg sodium.

Even with the PH sachets or Nuun tablets, cost per bottle is a little more than $1 (USD), less than half of the Infinit mix.