My homemade rocket fuel

So i produced my own sportsdrink yeasterday. It got a taste of greentea and lemon and it contains 90 g of carbs in 500 ml water. Its 100 % sucros mix with salt. I just really want to see if it works and it could be a base for future expriments. Well it did work 100% this was probably my easist sweetspoot workout so far. I did carillion +2 and its about 1,5 hour. I drank the bottle in the first hour. And I could notice i was more thirysty than normal i drank 750 ml of water to. Have any other tried anything similiar and how did it work in such case? Sorry for bad spelling but I think its readible :joy:


Kudos for making your own mix. I went down this rabbit hole not long ago. I would mention (without confirming) that this concentration of sucrose sounds like it could be dehydrating. I’ll also give a shout out to a local athlete’s blog who did makes his own mix of your interested in more info. (

I recall combining Maltodextrin & Fructose at a ratio of 2:1 being recommended in the forums.

So for a 60 gram Carb bottle it would be 40 grams of Maltordextrin and 20 grams of Fructose.

Perhaps you could try that and see how it feels!

I do something similar.

20g of Kool-Aid or any juice powder mix from the supermarket (100% sucrose)
80-100g of table sugar
A pinch of table salt.

Hasn’t failed me yet. No need to make it complicated, or expensive.

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Sweet! Lots of great discussion and recipes in this thread:

I also experimented until finding my perfect mix. Assuming a hard ride where I am burning lots of glycogen, (Per 500 mL bottle an hour) my mix is 1 cup orange juice, 2 scoops of maltodextrin, and one 750mg effervescent salt tablet from precision hydration. Tastes like orange creamsicle popsicle. 90gr carbs.