Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

Hello people

So I’ve been looking at upping my nutrition game for a while now and I think I’ve done it.
SIS BETA fuel is a mix of 2 parts maltodextrin and 1 past fructose. You can get both online but I wanted to make it right at that moment at home.
I mixed 30 milliliters of children’s lemonade concentrate mostly for the taste (15 grams of simple carbs) with 60 grams of table sugar aka sucrose so 75 grams of simple sugars.
I’ve been fueling my workouts with this mix with great succes so far. I take one bottle of this and a gel bringing the total carbs per hour to 95 grams.
No stomach distress so far with rides up to 2 hours.
This recipe is dirt cheap so please try it during your training.
If you try this could you please give me some feedback on this.

Much thanks on forehand and good luck training :grin:


It’s a cheap gel from the action store chain.

From what I’ve read fructose can be way more then 30 grams per hour when you train it. With this recipe is pretty much 50/50. If seen 60 to 100 grams of fructose per hour.

And yes I will buy the maltodextrin and fructose to try but for now this is working really well. Better then ‘normal’ mix.

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My take is that if it was that easy, every energy company would have produced their own version of be supplying it to their athletes now. As it is, it seems like only SIS and Maurten are doing it.


That’s something I’m to try thanks for the recipe.

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I will be trying to make my own Beta Fuel. I enjoy using it for races in 2+ hours, or ones that are exceptionally hard and fast (think criteriums or XCO). Will be doing the math on parts and expense. Will report once I try it in training.


I just got berry flavoured fructose, rather than add flavour.

Well I did read the chart wrong in the paper ,Training the Gut for Athletes, Asker E. Jeukendrup.
But in this research paper ,Fructose and Sucrose Intake Increase Exogenous Carbohydrate Oxidation during Exercise, Jorn Trommelen, it is sad that glucose uptake or oxidation rates can be up to 72 grams per hour and 36 grams of fructose.
This with sucrose as a bases.

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High 5 have been selling a 2:1 glucose:fructose energy drink (with caffeine) for quite some time, before SIS, tastes good too. Not too sweet.

High 5


Yes, I’d got a little confused. It’s the isotonic nature of the drink that SIS are promoting as it’s USP over the others (including Maurten), not the strength, which various companies match.

dont forget electrolytes!!!

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I haven’t. I use about 0.5 grams of salt per bottle of 500 mill. But thanks for the reminder. I only started doing it a few days ago.

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I’m interested in this as well, how to add a bit of magnesium, potassium, and others to round out the drink/gels?

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I keep it simple by using Maple Syrup


Table sugar is 1 molecule of fructose and 1 molecule of glucose. So I don’t understand why we need anything more than table sugar mixed with water. If anyone can explain I’d appreciate, otherwise can save some money for sure :slight_smile:


I’m guessing the lemonade is to make it more palatable right? Table sugar is the exact same thing 50:50 glucose fructose molecules.

Yes, I’ve been experimenting a bit with just making a higher concentration High5 energy drink and using it instead of gels. So far no issues, but haven’t tried to push carb limits with it.

Super helpful. If I can’t get the Gatorade powder here but can buy the bottles from 711 approx how to I make up one bottle for a race? Seems like you need three bottles.

Would 60g of table sugar and 30g of the melodextrin powder work with a salt tablet chucked in?

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I have this question too…

Actually, I think I’m good on the carb part but a bit confused about optimal electrolytes and where/how to get them. What are you guys using?


This is a great thread, thank you for both starting it and all who have contributed.
I now have my ingredients (tapioca maltodextrin and gatorade powder).
I am going to mix 54g of gatorade (assuming it is 50:50 glucose:fructose) with 26g of maltodextrin to get the 80g of carbs the Maurten 320 and SIS beta fuel have in it.

What I am wondering though, is can I mix this in a diluted concentration for my 45-90 min rides where I don’t need the 80g per hour, but still would like some carbs (just to help with ride a bit maybe and also to help with the post ride recovery)?
I do most of my riding fasted as I ride first thing in the morning before I have coffee or anything.

I was thinking maybe mix 20g (of the above mixture) per 500ml?
Assuming I mixed everything well and thoroughly this would be giving me approximately 7g of fructose and 14g of glucose.

Thank you for any comments and feedback.