Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

Hello people

So I’ve been looking at upping my nutrition game for a while now and I think I’ve done it.
SIS BETA fuel is a mix of 2 parts maltodextrin and 1 past fructose. You can get both online but I wanted to make it right at that moment at home.
I mixed 30 milliliters of children’s lemonade concentrate mostly for the taste (15 grams of simple carbs) with 60 grams of table sugar aka sucrose so 75 grams of simple sugars.
I’ve been fueling my workouts with this mix with great succes so far. I take one bottle of this and a gel bringing the total carbs per hour to 95 grams.
No stomach distress so far with rides up to 2 hours.
This recipe is dirt cheap so please try it during your training.
If you try this could you please give me some feedback on this.

Much thanks on forehand and good luck training :grin:


which gel? Assuming the lemonade concentrate is also sucrose, then you are using ~38g of glucose and 38g fructose before the gel. The normally stated uptake limits are 60g of glucose and 30g of fructose. Thas is for just absorption, more will not necessarily cause gastric distress. I’d buy either maltodextrin powder or dextrose/glucose powder to bring the ratio up. Its actually pretty cheap in bulk.

It’s a cheap gel from the action store chain.

From what I’ve read fructose can be way more then 30 grams per hour when you train it. With this recipe is pretty much 50/50. If seen 60 to 100 grams of fructose per hour.

And yes I will buy the maltodextrin and fructose to try but for now this is working really well. Better then ‘normal’ mix.

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I seriously doubt the liver can process 60-100 grams of fructose an hour, its just an inefficient pathway. You can likely train your body to tolerate that much but it doesn’t mean is can absorb and convert it to glycogen.

My take is that if it was that easy, every energy company would have produced their own version of be supplying it to their athletes now. As it is, it seems like only SIS and Maurten are doing it.


That’s something I’m to try thanks for the recipe.

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I will be trying to make my own Beta Fuel. I enjoy using it for races in 2+ hours, or ones that are exceptionally hard and fast (think criteriums or XCO). Will be doing the math on parts and expense. Will report once I try it in training.


I just got berry flavoured fructose, rather than add flavour.

Well I did read the chart wrong in the paper ,Training the Gut for Athletes, Asker E. Jeukendrup.
But in this research paper ,Fructose and Sucrose Intake Increase Exogenous Carbohydrate Oxidation during Exercise, Jorn Trommelen, it is sad that glucose uptake or oxidation rates can be up to 72 grams per hour and 36 grams of fructose.
This with sucrose as a bases.

High 5 have been selling a 2:1 glucose:fructose energy drink (with caffeine) for quite some time, before SIS, tastes good too. Not too sweet.

High 5


Yes, I’d got a little confused. It’s the isotonic nature of the drink that SIS are promoting as it’s USP over the others (including Maurten), not the strength, which various companies match.

dont forget electrolytes!!!

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I haven’t. I use about 0.5 grams of salt per bottle of 500 mill. But thanks for the reminder. I only started doing it a few days ago.

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I’m interested in this as well, how to add a bit of magnesium, potassium, and others to round out the drink/gels?

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I keep it simple by using Maple Syrup


Table sugar is 1 molecule of fructose and 1 molecule of glucose. So I don’t understand why we need anything more than table sugar mixed with water. If anyone can explain I’d appreciate, otherwise can save some money for sure :slight_smile:


I’m guessing the lemonade is to make it more palatable right? Table sugar is the exact same thing 50:50 glucose fructose molecules.

The ratio that body can absorb in an hour up to 90g is not 1:1. It is 2:1. So table sugar mixed to 90g and consumed at that rate hour after hour is going to lead to gastric distress


Here is how I made an easy cheap 90g glucose:fructose mix from two easily obtainable premade items. You can probably get them for a bit cheaper or comparable items. I get the gatorade powder from my local grocery store for ~$5/container but the pricing is similar from amazon

This basically a mixture of table sugar(50:50 glucose:fructose), dextrose(glucose), electrolytes, and flavoring.
I assume for simplicity that its essentially 50:50 glucose:fructose by weight since I don’t know the exact composition so for 90g, i’ll need 30g of fructose or 60g of gatorade mix, which is about 3x the recommended dosage from gatorade. 23g/12 fl oz(350ml) or ~60g/22floz(650ml normal bottle size)

To make up the remaining glucose, you could buy glucose powder or maltodextrin powder. I chose maltodextrin powder as I know it will not be sweet and it will keep the overall osmolality of the solution down. I use this one because its pretty cheap/g and its in a nice container for storage and of known origin and dissolves relatively well. Its corn based and some prefer rice based tapioca maltodextrin or even cheaper from a local brewery supply store in bulk or a health food store

I used a scale I tared and an old SIS container to mix in at a 2:1 ratio, 200g gatorade:100g maltodextrin

Did some back of the napkin math to calculate grams of carbs and mg of electrolytes

Since I didn’t know the ratio of sodium chloride(NaCl) to sodium citrate(C6H5O7Na3) or potassium phosphate, I couldn’t determine the chloride and citrate ion concentrations to compare to SIS but its in the right ballpark

So for ~$25 you can make ~25 bottles of 90g fake maurten/betafuel or ~$1/bottle with lots of maltodextrin remaining, or for ~$40 50 bottles, or $0.80/bottle, or 1/4-1/3 the cost of beta fuel.

In terms of flavor/sweetness I find it pretty palatable mixed at this concentration and comparable to the SIS GO powder due to its use of artificial sweeteners, and its easy enough to dissolve in a bottle with vigorous shaking. Bonus, you can also just mix 60g of maltodextrin in a bottle for an almost flavorless carb bottle for training when you don’t need the electrolytes or going on a short ride for ~$0.10/bottle.