Steroids, DIY Cheap Nutrition Products, Inflammation and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 289

Thanks guys for answering my question about the heart rate straps :joy:

Settled a discussion I was having with some teammates over beers, super critical info.


Did @Nate_Pearson share his recipe DIY sports drink ? Also could you add Kool Aid type mix for flavor?

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Lol I hope to get up to reno and tandem ramp test could be fun. We could do it live and it would be like that scene from stepbrother were you only see nate and then randomly I pop my head out from the side:)

Strength training plans. Not because I think it’s the most likely, but because I want Plan Builder to think it out for me.


I’m picking it’s an event entry. BC Bike Race. Or maybe Nate is getting taken up to Single Track Six again…?


For those looking for rice cake how-to check here: Rice Cake Crumbling Prevention!

For DIY drink mix including the stuff Nate was discussing check here: Make SIS BETA fuel your self just a few pence per bottle


My guess [or hope]: TR buys and keeps David Tinker on to do all the development.


Is it the announcement of the Ask a Researcher Podcast that you guys have been talking about for a while?

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As it sounded a little bitter sweet for some reason, I’ll suggest it’s either Jon at a new job, or his wife and they’re moving away. I’ll take a tr subscription :slight_smile:

Being able to upload run and swim workouts would be the main thing I want.


Thing 2 release.

My guess is that Jonathan will be doing cape epic in October.

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“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training . It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

  • Socrates

I am begging to come around to why the low volume plans are actually so effective. Having a plan that allows for natural recovery, rather than us trying to force too much in and force recovery (but just disrupting the natural cycle) and limiting long term adaption, will make you faster.

looking back over my calendar I can see when I felt the fastest (and was actually really fast), I was actually doing less, eating more and not stepping on a scale obsessively!


How about the ‘still wet from yesterday’ trick :grimacing:

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I’m in a similar situation. Have you been doing intervals before?

I’d expect “Thing 1” to be released first, and we still don’t have that :stuck_out_tongue:

good point

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Don’t think announcement would be anything technical. You’d like to think Nate would know about that.

Since they just went through selling the house, I’m going to go with new baby announcement. :wink:


I have been using TR since 2015, probably an interval expert (based on plan builder’s definition :grinning:) Given the extra time i have had this year, I was doing a high volume + extra plan. While I was fast, I was no faster than previous years, where I had much lower volume.

I have loaded a low volume plan till I fully kick off my 2021 season in Feb