Need a carb + electrolyte powder recommendation

not sure how many electrolites it has but i use this with good results…

You use one bottle per hour…so in your case you can use 4-5

Personally, i only do that if it race time (or extra hot florida long rides)

on longer endurance rides i may do 2 for 62 miles plus 1 gel and one extra of plain water…
This weekend i plan to do 70 and will do 3 bottles and one water… plus the gel


Oh, they got some posh flavours I’d love to try in their range - toasted marshmallow, mmmm…

Too pricey in the UK though, maybe if I’m feeling flush during summer I’ll try them thanks!

I use GU Roctane Grape for everything. I can handle 90-100g (3+ scoops) a hour for hours with this stuff.


Ive only tried the fruit punch…seems to be the least expensive

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maybe amazon?

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Make your own. That way you can control every aspect of it and get just what you need to fuel your workouts while maintaining your calorie deficit. Below is a link to my formula / recipe.


Bulk powders and their complete hydration drink. Lacks little bit of fructose that can be added if you need but the price is quite good.

But doing your own is definitely the cheapest option and takes couple of minutes.


Still twice the price of SIS Go Electro unfortunately!

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The gu may seem more expensive, but if you compare energy/carbs and other things you need more product of SIS Go Electro to obtain the same values as the roctane formula. Thats something to consider… Price is not the only factor.

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I’m using High5 powder, cheaper than SIS and I like the flavour. Don’t think it has more vitamins though, even though it says berry flavour.


Ah right yes, fine I’ll take a look again. You should work in sales, quite persistent! :grimacing:

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I’ve been call annoying before… But never persistent…


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I agree, I use either a mix of Maltodextrin, Fructose and electrolytes (all bought from bulk) or their complete hydration mix. They are very cheap when they offer 40 or 45% discounts.


I like Torq-Energy Drink Powder (blackcurrant) around £12.00 for 500g last me about 4 weeks, Also High5 Electrolyte tablet are pretty cheap.


I use one Nuun sport electrolyte tablet in each bottle, along with Cytosport Cytocarb Powder (maltodextryn) with the appropriate amount of scoops (2,3,4) depending on the fueling requirements of the ride.

Cytocarb has no taste, so you only get the taste of the Nuun sport tablet. Works well and both are available on Amazon.

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Walmart brand + Sodium Citrate

Yes, I’m over here like

but that’s legitimately what I use.


Tailwind drink mix. I love it. Super easy to handle and plenty of sodium + carbs. Also, Gatorade Endurance mix (what they hand out at Ironman’s) is a good alternative.


I will second the Tailwind ( I use both Raspberry Buzz (only for morning workouts), the orange, and the naked. I also use the Rebuild after longer/harder intervals.


I love tailwind. I’ve tried gatorade and nuun endurance and they just give me terrible gut rot. I couldn’t get past the taste of skratch labs.

Tailwind has been great.