New SIS Beta Fuel Products

So SIS just launched a new line of Beta Fuel products, which includes powder, gels and chews, all with a 1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose ratio.

Not a great timing for me since I had just ordered 2 cases of the old Beta Fuel (was 50% off last week on their website, probably to clear out stock for the new stuff).

What do you think about these new products, will you try them?

I would not care at all. Beta fuel makes you go fast but 1:0.8 seems amazingly close to 1:1, and I certainly know a much cheaper option to get that! :wink:


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£2.50 per serving…


I love the original Betafuel, so I’m fine with this new mix. Like you I stocked up on 2 boxes so I’m set for a while.

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This. I have some Beta fuel packets collecting dust in my cabinet at the moment.

Looks like they removed the sucralose. Cool!

(edit: I think this is cool not because non-nutritive sweeteners are bad, but because sweetening endurance beverages additionally is probably not a wise idea)


can you expand on this?

I’m always baffled when I find this on the ingredients list… really no shortage on sweet taste of such drinks and they all are striving (or should at least) to make them less sweet if anything.

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Heads up: I just broke or sprained my right (dominant wrist). In a splint. Like a temporary / short-term cast. Limited computer use ability. If it impedes work too much I’ll be removing it pronto. For now…shorthand! This paragraph is saved as a canned response… hence ability to type more above but shorthand below… just so you don’t think I’m being lazy!!

Sweetness aversion is common, especially in long endurance racers. Minimizing sweetness and flavor intensity is generally preferred by most folks, beyond the first couple hrs of events.

Fructose provides more than enough sweetness.


I’m always perplexed at how SiS gets away with this. Just some fancy packaging, a nice little science story (I like the wording “new science” … they reference a study from 2013), and some marketing lingo. And what do they do: just mix some cheap malto and fructose and add a pinch of salt. And sell it to the masses. Once again, this is like selling tap water in fancy glas bottles.

Apart from this, just did a 12h race yesterday. Mixed 1:0.8 malto and fructose myself. Aimed at 100g/h. Zero problems for the stomach, I probably could have gone higher. And since it was raining thoughout I actually did not ingest that much water with that.


That sucks, hope it’s better soon! Appreciate your contributions here plus all the RP stuff.