Steroids, DIY Cheap Nutrition Products, Inflammation and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 289

^ This will be a subset of

In my humble prediction.

I’m guessing it’s not directly TR-related. New bike maybe?


My students can also find biochemistry boring but they never pass up the opportunity to listen to Mr W


Seriously spat coffee everywhere :rofl::rofl:

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If you don’t mind, can you post a link to your climb (Strava, TR, whatever)? I’m starting to think about doing it. Thanks!!

There are a couple of threads for DiY mixes. I made my first one this morning and it worked great. TLDR: 1/2c malto, 2.5 tbps fructose, 1 Nuun tab, 24oz (750ml) water. $1.30(USD) per bottle. Can be less than $1 if you use sodium citrate and some other flavor instead of Nuun. Full ‘report’ here.

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Informational AND entertaining!



+1 for mouth taping.

I suffer from sleep apnea, and experimented with mouthtaping one day after hearing Nate mention that and then reading it again in “The oxygen advantage”.

It was scary as hell the first 15 minutes, then efficient as hell for the last year or so. By now I panick if I arrive in a hotel and can’t find my micropore tape in my luggage! Thanks for the inspiration @Nate_Pearson

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Pro tip on buying maltodextrin: go visit your local home brew supply store.

They’ll have bulk maltodextrin stupid cheap, you’re supporting local business, and you can wander around the store checking out all the cool brewing supplies. The only downside is they might look at you a little funny for only buying 5 pounds of maltodextrin and having no idea what anything else in the store is… :rofl:


Please do a ramp test on the tandem! “Pacing” would actually be a concern in that case - pacing between both riders, no?
Either way, I’m now more excited for TR tandem racing than TR doing Cape Epic. The more updates, the better!


I am looking forward to @Nate_Pearson being the pilot and @Jonathan sitting on the back with a mask so Nate can practice leading a blind person.


Amazed by all the chat about cooling mats for sleeping, over here in the Uk most folk use different tog ratings duvets and open or close a window. Get decent curtains so no need for sleeping with an eye mask!

I’m of the KISS principle for sleeping, Nats sleep routine sounds like a lot of added stress and faff!



Nevada has a somewhat different climate.

For a guy with sleep apnea? Sounds like he’s got it handled pretty well :+1:


Thanks guys for answering my question about the heart rate straps :joy:

Settled a discussion I was having with some teammates over beers, super critical info.


Did @Nate_Pearson share his recipe DIY sports drink ? Also could you add Kool Aid type mix for flavor?

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Lol I hope to get up to reno and tandem ramp test could be fun. We could do it live and it would be like that scene from stepbrother were you only see nate and then randomly I pop my head out from the side:)

Strength training plans. Not because I think it’s the most likely, but because I want Plan Builder to think it out for me.


I’m picking it’s an event entry. BC Bike Race. Or maybe Nate is getting taken up to Single Track Six again…?


For those looking for rice cake how-to check here: Rice Cake Crumbling Prevention!

For DIY drink mix including the stuff Nate was discussing check here: Make SIS BETA fuel your self just a few pence per bottle


My guess [or hope]: TR buys and keeps David Tinker on to do all the development.