Quick homemade Beta Fuel question

Hey all,
I followed that DIY Beta Fuel thread and ordered some Malto and Fructose. It arrived yesterday and I got my handy scale out.
So the ratio is 2 malto to 1 fructose.
I just want to make sure that is by weight (grams), not volume? I noticed that the malto seems much less dense (as in, a volumetric cup of Fructose requires several cups of malto to reach the same gram weight). For example (just making up numbers) a cup of the fructose is say 100 grams while a cup of malto is 25 grams. So to get the 2:1 gram I would need 1 cup fructose and something like 4-8 cups of malto? Is that correct, to do it by grams not volume even though the volumetric measurement is very different? I made a small batch to try for my ride tomorrow but want to make sure I’m getting it right for the future. Cheers!

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Weight. 80g per serving in a 2:1 ratio of malto:fructose.


Got it, thanks. So I would be doing 60 g of maltodextrin, and 30 g of fructose if I wanted 90 g in an hour. So even if the maltodextrin takes up most of the volume in my container, it’s still the right ratio. Good to know, because as I was measuring it out it seemed like I was doing something wrong LOL

FWIW, 60g of malto is about 1/2 cup and 30g of fruc is about 3 tbsp. I verified these based on my products and haven’t used the scale since.

I also bought a bunch of cheap plastic containers to hold one bottle’s worth of mix in. Rather than breaking out the malto, fruc, measuring cups, etc each morning, I just open the container and dump it into a bottle half filled with warm water. Shake for a minute, add a Nuun tab (for me - you could use another electrolyte), and some ice cubes.


FWIW there was some mention on the podcast to make a pitcher that would last for the whole week. Thought it was a great idea!

You gonna add some electrolytes to that?

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@rkoswald that’s about the ratio I thought-the malto is a big puffy cloud of sugar while the fructose is dense.
@schmidt well, funny you should mention that. I’m somewhat ironically using an pty SiS tub of electrolyte mix to put my own in. It’s something like 1 kilo normally, so it holds a ton. I didn’t fill it all the way up on my first go, however.
I appreciate all the help
-oh, and for electrolytes I have sis tabs for outdoors and anything at home for indoor.

Consider moving closer to 1:1 malto:fruc ratio. 1.5:1 and 1.25:1 are very well-tolerated by virtually all.

Dunno! I just use sucrose. Similar sweetness to malto:fruc @ 1:1, in case you’re interested in trying it. Identically effective with regard to performance. And cheaper/simpler, of course.

Love the efficiency.

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