Fuel during ride

I prefer to drink my fuel vs eat it.

Currently, I’m able to stomach 90 grams of carbs but I’m having trouble finding a mix that doesn’t get sticky on the lips, etc. Does anyone know of a brand that does this? I use 22-ounce bottles. I’m starting to think I need to use bigger bottles and dilute it a little more when I want to consume 90 grams.

have you tried tailwind?

Make your own.

I’ve tried tailwind and I’ve also made my own. Same results.

Also it really only becomes a problem when I’m racing and there is any kind of intensity.

I’ve never found a solution to this. You can try something like UCAN or waxy maize but I don’t think you’ll be satisfied with the results. It won’t be sticky, though!

What type of racing? Do you need the same concentration in your bottle? I guess I’m assuming that higher intensity = shorter race, at which point less carbs are needed. I also usually mix my bottles around 90-100g carbs / 750 ml (24 oz), but on a recent shorter outdoor workout I only used table sugar for 30g. Result was much less sticky and just enough energy for my shorter, intense workout. YMMV.

One bottle 2-3x mix, one bottle water, rinse with the water.

Crits mostly

I use SIS’s drink mix. I’ve never noticed a sticky feeling but when I’m drinking from the bottle it never really gets on my lips. Just straight down the gullet! But it’ll probably be a bit difficult to avoid the sugary sticky feeling since all these drinks are basically just sugar water.

Thanks to podcast episode #289 and this Forum I have been making my own DIY Sports Nutrition Drink for several months now: 24 ounces of Water, ½ cup Maltodextrin, 1 TBS Fructose Powder, a peach flavoring packet, and 1,500 mg of Na+ from Precision Hydration. On a 2.5 hour 189 TSS Ride today I used one bottle. About 12 miles in I had taken in about ½ of it so at our first stop I refilled it with just plain water. The high was 99 today with full sun. I had another bottle of Skratch hydration mix but I never felt the need for it so I’m saving it for another day.
I live in North Central Texas and I easily lose a liter of water/hour on rides during July and August so the Na+ is essential.
I was initially using Sodium Citrate powder for the Na+ but you need such a tiny amount I was afraid I would accidentally overdo it. Precision Hydration has self-dissolving Sodium tables in 500, 1,000, and 1,500 mg concentrations.
My Peaks Coaching Group Sports Nutrition Coach approves of my DIY concoction.

90g not needed in a crit.

Some might say straight water or nothing at all. I go for 30-60g in one bottle.