Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

They say 90 is the new 50!

To verify @mountainrunner claims on the similarity of our rides, I used a Hewlett Packard 5710A dual column gas chromatograph with flame analyzation detectors. The results?


Were those yutes playing in the water?


why yes, sharp eyes! Two yutes playing in the water, at the Sack-O-Suds along the riverbank.

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Canyon | TheFeed | Coureur Holiday Ride

The awesome folks at Canyon North America hosted a Fall holiday ride with support from TheFeed, Coureur, and Rouleur. It was a fairly typical route where we started from Canyon near the coast in Carlsbad then rode out through La Costa, Elfin Forrest, and back through Rancho Santa Fe before hitting the coast in Solana Beach for the ride back up to Canyon. It was a fun ride that started with 70 or so cyclists that organically formed smaller groups with just 7 of us finishing the ride in the lead group. Super fun day!


North Wales delivering again. Lucky to call this place my home!


Prince William Forest Park, Woodbridge, VA, USA

First ride outside since the end of August. Hopefully not the last outside ride this year but I need to get the right gear. Perfect weather, really. Was a little cold at the start (45F) but quickly warmed up to 50-65F in the forest and hit 70F once I was back in Manassas.

Longest ride of the year. Funny how life gets in the way. In March I had a calendar full of events that I wanted to do, including almost one century each month, and one by one they got overcome by events. Oh well, lesson learned for next year to prioritize the ones I really want to do.

Bike (Fezzari Empire), wheels (Zipp 303S), drive train (SRAM Rival AXS), homemade carb mix, and training plan (FasCat 10-Week Weight Training, TR POL Base, TR Sweet Spot Base, TR Sustained Power Build, TR Century Specialty) worked flawlessly. Repeatability was key on this ride as I went around the Scenic Drive inside the park seven times, each one beginning with a 30-second anaerobic / VO2 effort to get up a 12% gradient followed by 1:00 threshold and then 17:00 of endurance / tempo / sweet spot to get around the loop. Repeat x7, then ride 25 miles home.


This thread is Muy Caliente today. Am embarrassed to say I only did an hour of easy recovery and then mowed the lawn. And took zero pictures.


We rode through the vineyards of the Niagara region today. It was the biggest group I’ve ridden in for a while (18 of us I think), most of us knew each other from the velodrome so it went pretty well in terms of maintaining a paceline. There were some amazing fall colours (last pic isn’t from the ride but from a walk later in tbe afternoon). We also had a little detour to check out an outdoor track sample that a velodrome builder who lives in the area has in his yard. We didn’t attempt to ride it though!


Can we issue challenges here? Or maybe start a challenge thread?
I want to see someone’s ride at that Cheetos hand statue in Cheadle, Alberta, Canada! :pinched_fingers:t3: :bike:

I don’t have one there BUT I do have one with the giant easter egg in Vegreville, Alberta


IN SLC for a week for work and brought the MTB this time to play. Millcreek Canyon yesterday for an easy spin, fall colors are on! Looking forward to the weekend.


Its a bit early for Easter or any other festival for that matter :wink:

Heard the KOM is slightly over 12 parsecs.



Get over and do the Bobsled. Upper Avenues. It’s on TrailForks. We used to go up Terrance Ave to get to the climb and then you pick up the downhill off that.

By “used to” I mean 30 years ago…

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Tuesday’s ride - threw in a 1 x 42 min SST (90%) effort as part of a 90 min ride. Working in some longer duration intervals on top of the VO2max and supra-threshold stuff. Wanted to add some pressure work on top of the Z2 time this fall. So far so good. Without being too structured, averaging about 1-2 hard days each week.

In other news, this might be the best thread in the forum right now. Good pictures, good back and forth, no tension!!

The Interval.

Am not trying to be watt perfect on the. Terrain is too rolling for that. I let the power come up if climbing and try to not drop too low on declines. Some turns and intersections and can’t avoid the occasional drop to zero power. That’s OK, won’t kill my huge gainz…

The cool dot plot from WKO5. Fairly easy to see the 42 min piece:

This barn and field apparently belongs to the Heinz family. Leaves not quite there yet for max color. In rural eastern PA this is the type of scenery we have. Lots of fields and farms. One lane paved roads, covered bridges, and a fair amount of gravel too. Rural America.



I was hoping you would reply and give some recommendations, thank you! Looking forward to continuing to explore here.

Went out to Millcreek Canyon again yesterday for some intervals. Took the road up for 2 x 4x30s @200% and then Millcreek Pipeline back down to the fee station.


Happy to. I’m current with Park City / Deer Valley as we visit frequently to ride. But am definitely out of date for what the trails are current on the benches. Meaning MIllcreek over to Emigration Canyon. Millcreek is fun. Bobsled was a frequent go-to for us and have seen videos where it’s been improved with some jumps. There used to be decent trails above the U of U hospital and over past Research Park and Pioneer Park. Development took out the lower trails in some spots. Definitely get on TrailForks or Strava and see what is current. You should be able to put together some fun rides up to a couple hours. The hiking and running is good too. We did a ton of trail running there and hiking up above the UofU.

If you have transportation, try to get over to Ruth’s in Emigration Canyon for breakfast.

Enjoy - great time of year to be visiting SLC

FWIW, we lived in SLC from mid 1989 - 1996. The city had not “boomed” yet and Park City was a tiny ex-mining town with a couple ski resorts. Hosting the Olympics and then subsequent influx of people and all the development that goes with it has changed things dramatically. We were already bikers and skiers when we moved, but I’d only ridden mountain bikes in parking lots. But being in the perfect spot for mountain biking, we quickly got into mountain biking and it became our #1 summer activity. My first NORBA race, just about died. Hadn’t raced at 7000 feet before :slight_smile:

Tall tales from years gone by!!!


this is awesome.

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Thank you all for the beautiful fall foliage pics.

The Guy In Houston (where it’s currently 87 degrees with 63% humidity at noon)