Carbohydrate Drink Powders

I’ve been listening to the podcast and reading up on the forum about carb intake during workouts, and I’ve decided I’d like to try some drink powder during my longer ss workouts. Has anyone got any good recommendations of high carb, caffeine free (preferably reasonably priced) drink powders?

Science in Sports (SiS) Beta Fuel (best price I’ve seen is about $1/packet on sale)


Infinit Nutrition - this is what I use. I got a free consult and custom-made a formula. It’s about $60 for 25 servings, and I only use it for sweet spot and above workouts, or endurance rides longer than two hours. For short endurance rides I try to go fasted, otherwise just Gatorade.

There are many more out there, and an entire thread on mixing your own carbohydrate drink.

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Beta Fuel is awesome but i think it’s a bit over kill for something like an hour session. SIS do something called Turbo + which is 60g of carbs, it also has some menthol which is cooling. Or there is SIS Go which has 50g of carbs.

For hard rides or >60m rides I often use half a Beta Fuel pouch and add 20g of table sugar. Something like 60g carbs for half the price. Factoring in the occasional discount pricing on Amazon, the cost works out to be reasonable.

I also bought a canister of Gatorade powder recently and that is another more affordable route!

15-20 teaspoons of sugar + 20g of any random flavoured drink powder from the supermarket. With a pinch of salf

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I like Torq the best. If I can’t get that its SIS and if I can’t get that it’s High 5. Best value for money to be truthful out of my lot is actually High 5 which is only my 3rd choice. these are the cheapest I’ve seen you can get 5kg bag of Dextrose & Maltodextrin 50:50 for €28

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I like tailwind


There are a lot of options for fueling during exercise, and they do not need to break the bank. Like mentioned earlier, you can buy maltodextrin and fructose from Bulk Powders and make your own SIS Beta Fuel for very little money. You can also purchase different flavorings online, and with a little experimentation develop a drink that suits your own personal tastes. I do this quite a bit with great results. Also, keep in mind that fueling doesn’t have to be in beverage forms and it may be a good idea to get your body used to a variety of fuels. I mix and match my own homemade “Beta fuel”, bananas, Kid’s Cliff bars (they’re much easier to ingest while breathing hard than the adult versions), and mashed potato burritos. Best of luck.

I like PowerBar C2 IsoActive drinks; they seem to match the ratios of Beta Fuel and Maurten but are massively cheaper in Germany, where I live. Taste good, never had stomach problems, and I crank the servings up when I need to get 70+ grams of carbs in a bottle.

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I really like EndurElite Sustain. A small company local to me in Spearfish SD that makes a solid product and bends over backwards for customer service.

Sis for gels and tailwind for powder are good personally.

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I use an Infinite custom blend for longer sweet spot intervals (12-30 min), and most all sessions 1.5 hrs or longer.

It’s beyond me why we’re talking about not breaking the bank for something that actually goes INTO our body.

Anyway, figs and dates are a cheap alternative if anyone on here is really on a budget. Judging by lots of bikes I see, I really don’t understand how or why that may be the case. LOL

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Crank sports eFuel and eGels. Work well for me and best value out there IMO.

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