High carb intake and endurance sports go hand-in-hand, but is this damaging to your health? Join us and Orange Seal Off-Road’s Hannah Finchamp as we dig into the relationships of glucose, insulin, and workout intensity to know how you can prioritize health and performance, and much more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Intro 0:12
  • What happens when our bodies eat sugar? 5:21
  • How does insulin work? 8:38
  • How does activity affect insulin? 15:52
  • Are high-carb endurance athletes at risk of becoming diabetic? 20:30
  • Data-driven ways to plan meal timing 50:59
  • Hannah’s tips for bike choice 1:30:40
  • A pro’s guide to chaotic race starts 1:35:59
  • Live questions and answers 1:53:54

Resources mentioned in this episode

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Successful Athletes Podcast

Science of Getting Faster Podcast

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a Level II USA certified cycling coach and the host of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. His background in the sport of motocross has translated into a passion for cycling, mountain biking and all things training. If you have a training question, submit your question for Jonathan to answer on the next episode of TrainerRoad’s podcast.