How age affects performance, can time trialists sprint, why average power is so low in cyclocross & more in this week’s episode of the Ask a Cycling coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • TrainerRoad’s Facebook Beta Group
  • What DEXA scans tell you about your body
  • Do I need to replicate the distance of my goal event in training?
  • How to troubleshoot trainer problems
  • How does age affect cyclists
  • Why old age isn’t an excuse for declining performance
  • Can time trialists sprint?
  • How to be a successful road racer
  • How to train for criterium racing
  • How do you incorporate group rides into a training plan
  • How to train for ultra distance for triathletes
  • How to tell if you lack muscular endurance or not
  • Why is average power low in CX?

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