TrainNow helps you quickly choose ideal individual workouts to fit your fitness and schedule. While it doesn’t replace the long-term focus of a training plan, sometimes you need more flexibility, and TrainNow lets you get faster on your terms. How can you benefit from TrainNow’s personalized workout recommendations?

TrainNow’s Benefits For Non-Racers

Not every athlete has aspirations of racing or competing against others. For many of us, better fitness and the challenge of self-improvement is a goal in and of itself. And while the goal-driven focus of a season-long training plan is the best overall way to get faster, it can feel restrictive for athletes who aren’t interested in competition. If this sounds like you, TrainNow might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Since non-racers don’t always need discipline-specific fitness, TrainNow’s versatility can be a huge advantage. The ability to choose a workout style and duration each day lets you customize your training as you go to fit your schedule, mood, and level of fatigue. It’s remarkably flexible, and since every workout is curated to your unique abilities, it’s far more productive and time-effective than unstructured riding. There’s nothing like structured training to make you a faster, fitter cyclist, and for non-racers TrainNow brings all the benefits without the commitment or goal-driven focus of a training plan.

For Time-Crunched Competitors

Competition can take many forms, ranging from organized races to weekend group rides, or even chasing local Strava segments. Whatever it looks like for you, structured training can help you achieve success, but life doesn’t always allow the commitment a training plan requires. Work schedules, family obligations, and the realities of real life make free time a luxury, but TrainNow can help you get faster no matter what restrictions life throws at you.

TrainNow lets you choose the right workout, at the right duration, on short notice. The increased flexibility removes the guilt of skipping workouts from a training plan and empowers you to get productive and effective training when the time is right for you. If you want to get faster but don’t have time to commit to a training plan, try TrainNow today.

For Outside Riders

Some athletes diligently follow a training plan during the winter but lose steam as the weather improves, replacing planned workouts with unstructured rides outside. Skipped workouts inevitably lead to lost fitness, and can leave you frustratingly short of your potential right when you want to be at your best. This season, instead of feeling confused about how to proceed when the weather gets nice, try using TrainNow to add occasional structured workouts and keep your fitness sharp.

Structured workouts don’t need to be very long or frequent to bring benefits. One or two productive, hour-long workouts each week can be all it takes to make you fitter and faster, especially when coupled with some longer unstructured weekend rides. And since every TrainNow workout can be completed outside on a Hammerhead, Garmin, or Wahoo head unit, you won’t be stuck training indoors on a sunny day.

Adaptive Training

Get the right workout, every time with training that adapts to you.

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For Adding Rides to Low-Volume Plans

We’re huge fans of low-volume training plans, and for many athletes, they are the best way to stay consistent with structured training. Many low-volume athletes occasionally find themselves with some extra time and motivation to ride, but not quite enough to fully commit to a mid- or high-volume plan. If adding an occasional extra workout to a low-volume plan sounds like something you might be interested in, TrainNow is a great option.

TrainNow’s workout recommendations are catered to your specific abilities in each training zone. It also considers the intensity and volume of your recent training to recommend one of three workout styles each day. It’s designed to encourage a sustainable mix of training and prevent overreaching, so you can stay consistent with your plan. 

TrainNow’s recommendations don’t consider periodization or long-term goals, so you should always prioritize your training plan’s scheduled workouts. But if you do feel motivated to add an extra workout here or there, TrainNow’s smart suggestions can help you add volume without overdoing it.

For Skills-Focused Mountain Bikers

Good technique can be just as important as fitness when racing offroad, and skills only come with practice. Add in the difficulty of completing structured workouts on technical terrain, and many mountain bikers feel compelled to ignore a training plan in favor of unstructured trail riding. If you’re an offroad athlete who struggles to balance time on singletrack with time spent building structured fitness, TrainNow can be a perfect way forward.

TrainNow gives you the flexibility to ride trails every chance you get, while still training with structure when and how it suits you. You might use it to complete productive indoor workouts a few times a week after work, so you can spend the weekend focusing on skills offroad. Or you might even use TrainNow to pick workouts to do outside on the road, while on your way to the local trails. Whatever tactic you choose, TrainNow removes the commitment of a training plan, helping you to balance the unique demands of an exceptionally challenging sport. 

For Temporary Flexibility

No matter how committed you are to your sport, life can intervene with temporary obstacles. Major events like moves, career changes, and growing families inevitably take precedence over training at some point for all of us, and it’s easy to let your fitness dwindle during these busy periods.

Next time you’re facing a temporary disruption to your consistency, use TrainNow to maintain fitness on a schedule that works for you. It often only takes one or two productive workouts a week to maintain fitness, and TrainNow lets you take advantage of your limited time with the most efficient and effective workouts available. And since workouts are recommended based on your abilities, it’s a perfect way to match the intensity of your recent structured training and sustain fitness through challenging and busy times.