TrainNow is a quick and easy way to choose ideal individual workouts, catered to your fitness and abilities. It’s perfect for athletes who aren’t on a training plan, or who want to supplement unstructured riding with some more productive time on the bike. And now it’s getting even better at picking the perfect workout thanks to some new improvements under the hood.

What is TrainNow?

If you’re on a training plan there’s never a question what workout to do each day. But if you’re not on a plan, picking a workout can be a challenging task. TrainerRoad has over 3,000 workouts, and it’s not always obvious which is right for your abilities and available time.

TrainNow makes the choice a lot easier. It uses Adaptive Training’s machine learning-based insights to recommend workouts that are perfectly suited to your unique fitness. It also narrows the choice into three simple categories- Endurance for low-intensity aerobic conditioning, Climbing for more challenging sustained power efforts, and Attacking for high-intensity workouts.

Adaptive Training

Get the right workout, every time with training that adapts to you.

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TrainNow doesn’t incorporate the long-term, goal-based strategy of a training plan, and is not meant to replace a plan for athletes targeting events. Instead, it’s a powerful way to pick workouts as you go, whether to supplement unstructured riding or to add some extra saddle time to a low-volume plan.

New Updates to TrainNow

TrainNow is getting smarter, with improvements based both on data and athlete feedback.

Better Suggestions

TrainNow’s intelligent workout suggestions are getting better. Our data shows TrainNow athletes are already more likely to succeed at their workouts than those choosing them manually, and we’ve used these insights to drive further improvements. Some small adjustments to how TrainNow chooses workouts mean you’re even more likely to be suggested a workout you can reliably and successfully complete, so you get faster with fewer setbacks.

Recommended Workouts

TrainNow has always looked at your abilities when making specific workout suggestions. Now, it also looks at your recent training history to recommend an ideal type of workout for each day. The new “Recommended” label is based on the intensity and stress of your recent rides and workouts. It’s not intended to replace a training plan, but it’s a quick and simple way to make sure you’re completing a sustainable mix of workouts.

New Workouts

We’ve added almost 700 new workouts for TrainNow to choose from. This means there is more likely to be workouts of all three types to match your abilities at different durations. Want to ride Endurance for 2 hours? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a 45 minute Attacking workout? You’re all set. More workouts mean more productive options for every athlete’s training.

Try TrainNow

TrainNow is available on all TrainerRoad mobile and desktop apps as well as on the web. To find it, click on “TrainNow” in the main navigation bar. Choose a duration, pick a workout, and get training!