Our 40k TT is right around the corner, and for this episode of the podcast we’ve assembled every detail of our equipment, nutrition and strategy for you, along with a look at what makes pros better than amateurs and whether weight loss always makes you faster or not.

Topics covered in this episode

  • What makes pros better than amateurs
  • Two different ways to race a crit
  • What we learned from the Carson City Off-Road
  • Hardtail or full suspension: which is best?
  • How Coach Chad is avoiding cramps
  • Suspension setup tips for mountain bikers
  • Our final preparations for the 40k TT
  • How to choose between helmets for a time trial
  • Do vents make a helmet slow?
  • Why a disc wheel might not be faster
  • Aerobar setup tips for time trials
  • What data fields to show during a race?
  • What to eat before a short time trial?
  • Should you not eat breakfast before a race?
  • How to pace a time trial perfectly

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