TrainerRoad’s mission is simple: to make you a faster cyclist, whoever you are, and whatever your discipline. We’ve helped tens of thousands of athletes reach their goals, but how do we do it? What makes TrainerRoad cycling’s most effective training tool? 

These are the top 10 ways TrainerRoad makes you a faster cyclist.

10. We Take Care of the Details

Cycling training can be complicated. You need to train specific energy systems, in the proper order, at just the right intensity. With other variables like fatigue and volume to worry about too, it can be a daunting challenge to get it right, so TrainerRoad takes care of the details for you. You don’t need to worry about complicated metrics, because we give you the right workout, at the right time to reach your goals. Leave the details to us, you’ll be busy getting faster.

9. Your Training is Personalized for Your Goals

Cycling is brimming with one size-fits-all training plans that treat every athlete the same. TrainerRoad’s Plan Builder stands apart, with training that’s automatically fine-tuned for your goals, schedule, and available time. It only takes a few minutes to build a custom plan targeting multiple events up to 2 years in advance, and it’s easy to make adjustments for vacations and time off. And if you’re not a racer we’ve got you covered too, since Plan Builder works great for athletes who simply want to gain fitness. Whatever your goal, Plan Builder will help you get there.

8. World-Class Performance Analytics Tools Chart Your Progress

If you want to analyze and understand your fitness and performance, you’ve come to the right place. Our Performance Analytics tools offer in-depth visualizations of your workouts, personal records, and training stress. You can compare your power curve to past seasons, zoom in and analyze specific intervals, and quantify how your fitness builds over time. It’s all the data you want in one place, with no need to export workouts to other apps or confusing software. Best of all, Performance Analytics works with every ride you sync with your TrainerRoad calendar- inside or outdoors, TrainerRoad workout or not. 

7. TrainerRoad Never Wastes Your Time

We know that training is just one part of your busy life. That’s why TrainerRoad is designed to maximize your success without wasting your time. It’s why we created our quick and easy Ramp Test for assessing fitness, and why we love sweet spot training for efficient results. It’s also why most of our athletes follow our Low or Mid-Volume training plans, which pack lots of productive training into just a few hours each week for big results. Whether you have 3 hours or 30 hours a week to train, every second counts with TrainerRoad.

6. Your Long-Term Fitness is Our Goal

There’s a good chance your cycling will improve almost immediately with TrainerRoad. But if you’re ready to explore your full potential, we’re ready to help you get faster over the long-term with sustainable, progressive training. Whether you customize your training plan with Plan Builder or choose from one of our existing discipline-specific plans, you’ll see big results with science-based, season-long structure. A long-term commitment isn’t required to use TrainerRoad, but it’s definitely rewarded.

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5. We Make it Easy to Train, Indoors and Outside

Consistency is key, so we keep things simple and make the process as easy as possible. Our workouts are straightforward, and our apps are intuitive and easy-to-use. You can train with or without a power meter, indoors and outside, and you can even ride with your friends using Group Workouts. And unlike other apps that require arduous and complicated power tests, our Ramp Test is the only assessment you need to calibrate your workouts. As we see it, our job isn’t to distract you with videos or simulations, it’s simply to make you faster than any other training plan. Let’s get to work.

4. Science-Based Training is Proven 

The most important thing you can ask of your training plan is for it to work, and that’s why TrainerRoad follows the proven science of power-based, periodized training. We progressively target your energy systems with workouts designed around your goals and customized to your fitness. We closely follow the latest athletic research, and we’re always analyzing our data set to find ways to make you faster. And if you don’t have a power meter or smart trainer, don’t worry. VirtualPower allows any athlete to take advantage of power-based training with just an inexpensive speed sensor. Train in confidence with the power of science. 

3. More Results For Your Money

Let’s face it- cycling can be an expensive sport, but TrainerRoad is a welcome exception to the rule. A full year of TrainerRoad costs less than an aero helmet and is only about half the price of a set of carbon handlebars. You could subscribe to TrainerRoad for over 10 years for the cost of a set of mid-range race wheels. And since most of our athletes see more significant improvements than the few watts saved by expensive equipment, TrainerRoad is more than marginal gains. It’s the best value in cycling.

2. TrainerRoad is More Than Just an App

The hard work of training happens on the bike, but there’s more to getting faster than just pedaling. TrainerRoad’s community and educational resources are there to inform and motivate you around the clock. Start with our popular podcasts: on Ask A Cycling Coach, our experts answer questions submitted by athletes like you; on the Successful Athletes Podcast we interview TrainerRoad athletes from all walks of life. Our blog features daily articles about training, nutrition, race tactics, and equipment. Thousands of athletes discuss all things cycling and triathlon on the TrainerRoad Forum. Our YouTube channel is packed with racing, training, and informational videos. And if you ever need help, our expert support agents are standing by, ready to lend a hand. 

1. We’re Constantly Improving

Our core value at TrainerRoad is Constant Improvement. It’s what we strive to empower in our athletes, and it’s also the standard to which we hold ourselves. Whether it’s new features we’re always adding, or ongoing refinements of our plans, apps, and resources, our full-time job is improving in the name of making you faster. We are cyclists and triathletes ourselves, and we’re passionate about bettering TrainerRoad because we use it every day, too. So if you’re not happy with “good enough,” we’re proud to say neither are we. Let’s keep improving together and get faster.