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Strength Training, KOM Training Guide, Training Fatigue and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 341

Is it possible to time your strength training in such a way that it doesn’t affect your cycling training? Coach Chad dives deep into interference-effect and if it is worthy of concern, as well as a guide to training plans for KOMs of different durations, how training fatigue and freshness can mask adaptations and much…

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Muscle Cramps Deep Dive, Fitness Plateaus, Protein Guidelines and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 340

What role does glycogen availability play in cramping and what is the latest research showing us about why cramps happen? Orange Seal Off-Road Team’s Alex Wild will join us to dig into this as well as discussing fitness plateaus, endurance athlete guidelines for protein intake and more. Join us live for Episode 340 of the…

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Over-Under Intervals: The Science Behind Them and Tips for Success

Over-under intervals improve your ability to shuttle and buffer lactate near the boundaries of your threshold power. Improving these capabilities will increase your anaerobic capabilities allowing you to output higher power values with greater efficiency and less mental fatigue.

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Winter Cycling Training Guide: 11 Ways to Become a Faster Cyclist

To discover the type of training that’s right for you this winter, follow along as I tackle some of the most commonly asked winter cycling training questions. It’s all covered here—everything you need to know to have your best winter indoor training season yet!

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How Short and Easy Workouts Can Make You Faster
P.C. @ksparrow

How Short and Easy Workouts Make You Faster (And Why You Usually Shouldn’t Skip Them)

Every workout in a training plan is there for a reason. Sometimes, the purpose is obvious— long threshold workouts prepare you for a time trial, while criterium racers benefit from high-intensity repeats. But some plans also include relatively easy, hour-long endurance spins between harder days. What’s the point of these workouts, and is it ok to skip them?

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Cycling Training: Beginner’s Guide to Getting Faster

Whatever your goals are and however you ride, you can become a faster cyclist, with the right training. From setting goals to choosing a training plan, our beginner’s guide to cycling training covers everything you need to get started.

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10 Benefits of Cycling

Cycling training doesn’t just help you become a faster cyclist! Cycling also offers countless benefits to your physical health, mental wellness, and general wellbeing. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist training for a goal event or a recreational athlete looking to improve your fitness, you can expect to see these benefits when you ride your bike regularly.

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Pain Tolerance, Pro Athlete Fueling, Cyclocross and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 339

How much of your “race fitness” is due to improvements in capacity and how much of it comes from pain tolerance? We’ll cover this and how should average athletes and pro athletes fuel differently, get into cyclocross season and much more in Episode 339 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! More show notes and…

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The Relationship Between FTP and VO2 Max and What it Means for Cycling
P.C. Kevin Sparrow (@ksparrow)

The Relationship Between FTP and VO2 Max: Understanding it Can Make You Faster

There are many ways to quantify performance in cycling, but two of the most commonly-cited data points are VO2 max and FTP. These metrics are related but distinct, and the connection between them is easy to misunderstand. So what’s the link between VO2 max and FTP, and what role do they play in determining your fitness?

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Why Your Training Plan Needs to Adapt to You

As an athlete, you put in countless hours of hard work. But are you sure you’re getting the most out of it? Different individuals respond to training at different rates, and unforeseen life events can cause training interruptions. In the past, it’s been up to you to adjust your training. Now with Adaptive Training, you’re an individual, and your training plan is too.

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