In the second part of our mini-series on training camps we spoke with Team Marc Pro Cycling on how they use team camps to get faster, and dug into team roles and stage racing tactics and strategy.

Topics covered in this episode

  • The difference between crit and road race focused teams
  • How to bond as a team with training
  • How to use a training camp right before a goal race
  • How to use a training camp to start your season
  • How to use a team camp if you are coming back from injury
  • The different purposes of a team camp
  • How to rank team mates during a team camp
  • How fast are pro cyclists compare to average joes
  • How to decide team roles with a fitness test
  • How to prep for big stage races
  • Heat acclimation for hot racing
  • Is competition bad within a team?
  • How to race an unfamiliar race
  • What a GC rider should do on a sprint stage
  • How to read a race with new racers
  • How to adjust your race strategy on the fly
  • Why foreign riders can be at a disadvantage in TTs
  • How to recon a foreign race
  • What you should do right after a race
  • Stage race nutrition
  • How many calories do pro cyclists burn
  • How to maintain mental fortitude during a stage race

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