3x Olympian, 15x National Champion, Multi-time BCBR Champion and all around MTB legend Geoff Kabush (Yeti Cycles, Maxxis, Shimano) joined us to answer your questions on maintaining race fitness and motivation, equipment choices and technique, and a funny story that involves Chinese olympic basketball player Yao Ming. Tune in and enjoy!

Topics covered in this episode

  • Are aero bars beneficial in gravel racing?
  • Is gravel racing just a marketing scheme?
  • How Geoff maintains fitness throughout the year
  • Keeping motivation throughout each year of racing
  • Racing and training as an aging athlete
  • How Geoff has become such a great technical rider
  • Pre-riding the Continental EWS Northstar course
  • How do you recon a technical section of trail?
  • What would Geoff change for Dirty Kanza next year?
  • Advice on riding muddy conditions
  • Cadence comparison on mountain vs. road
  • Having confidence and controlling traction with your front tire
  • Tire discussion with Geoff
  • Geoff’s opinion on the new Fox StepCast 34 mountain bike fork
  • Geoff’s XC bike setup
  • Why is Di2 so beneficial for mountain bike racing?
  • Geoff’s tips and tricks for racing the BC Bike Race

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